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Pelicer, M. R., de Oliveira, E. G., Martin, A. D. & Ryskin, M. G. (2019). Absorptive effects and power corrections in low x DGLAP evolution. The European Physical Journal C 79(1): 9.

Author(s) from Durham


We address a long standing problem concerning the scale behaviour of parton densities in the low x, low Q2 domain. We emphasize the important role of absorptive corrections at low x and use knowledge of diffractive deep inelastic scattering to exclude the absorptive effect from conventional deep inelastic data. In this way we obtain a significantly different low x behaviour of the gluon density, which is now much better described by linear DGLAP evolution. Accounting also for a second power correction, which arises from the freezing of αs at low Q2 , leads to an essentially flat behaviour of the low x gluon density.