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Harland-Lang, L. A., Martin, A. D., Motylinski, P. & Thorne, R. S. (2016). The impact of the final HERA combined data on PDFs obtained from a global fit. The European Physical Journal C 76(4): 186.

Author(s) from Durham


We investigate the effect of including the HERA run I + II combined cross section data on the MMHT2014 PDFs. We present the fit quality within the context of the global fit and when only the HERA data are included. We examine the changes in both the central values and the uncertainties in the PDFs. We find that the prediction for the data is good, and only relatively small improvements in χ2χ2 and changes in the PDFs are obtained with a refit at both NLO and NNLO. PDF uncertainties are slightly reduced. There is a small dependence of the fit quality on the value of Q2minQmin2 . This can be improved by phenomenologically motived corrections to FL(x,Q2)FL(x,Q2) which parametrically are largely in the form of higher-twist type contributions.