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Gaberdiel, M. Taormina, A., Volpato, R. & Wendland, K. (2014). A K3 sigma model with Z_2^8:M_20 symmetry. Journal of High Energy Physics 2014(2): 22.

Author(s) from Durham


The K3 sigma model based on the Z2-orbifold of the D4-torus theory is studied.
It is shown that it has an equivalent description in terms of twelve free Majorana fermions,
or as a rational conformal field theory based on the affine algebra b su(2)6. By combining
these different viewpoints we show that the N = (4, 4) preserving symmetries of this theory
are described by the discrete symmetry group Z82
: M20. This model therefore accounts for
one of the largest maximal symmetry groups of K3 sigma models. The symmetry group
involves also generators that, from the orbifold point of view, map untwisted and twisted
sector states into one another.