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Jonoska, N., Taormina, A. & Twarock, R. (2009). DNA Cages with Icosahedral Symmetry in Bionanotechnology. In Algorithmic Bioprocesses. Condon, A., Harel, D. & Kok, J.N. Berlin: Springer. Natural Computing Series, 4: 141-158.

Author(s) from Durham


Blueprints for polyhedral cages with icosahedral symmetry made of circular DNA molecules are provided. The basic rule is that every edge of the cage is met twice in opposite directions by the DNA strand(s), and vertex junctions are realized by a set of admissible junction types. As nanocontainers for cargo storage and delivery, the icosidodecahedral cages are of special interest because they have the largest volume per surface ratio of all cages discussed here.