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Badger, Simon, Bronnum-Hansen, Christian, Gehrmann, Thomas, Hartanto, Heribertus Bayu, Henn, Johannes, Lo Presti, Adriano & Peraro, Tiziano (2018), Applications of integrand reduction to two-loop five-point scattering amplitudes in QCD, Proceedings of Science (PoS) 303: Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory (LL2018). St. Goar, Germany, Sissa Medialab, 006.

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We review the current state-of-the-art in integrand level reduction for five-point scattering amplitudes at two loops in QCD. We present some benchmark results for the evaluation of the leading colour two-loop five-gluon amploitudes in the physical region as well as the partonic channels for two quarks and three gluons and four quarks and one gluon.