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Publication details for Mr Henry Hoyle

Hoyle, H. W., Smith, L. A., Williams, R. J. & Przyborski, S. A. (2020). Applications of novel bioreactor technology to enhance the viability and function of cultured cells and tissues. Interface Focus 10(2): 20190090.

Author(s) from Durham


As the field of tissue engineering continues to advance rapidly, so too does the complexity of cell culture techniques used to generate in vitro tissue constructs, with the overall aim of mimicking the in vivo microenvironment. This complexity typically comes at a cost with regards to the size of the equipment required and associated expenses. We have developed a small, low-cost bioreactor system which overcomes some of the issues of typical bioreactor systems while retaining a suitable scale for the formation of complex tissues. Herein, we have tested this system with three cell populations/tissues: the culture of hepatocellular carcinoma cells, where an improved structure and basic metabolic function is seen; the culture of human pluripotent stem cells, in which the cultures can form more heterogeneous tissues resembling the in vivo teratoma and ex vivo liver tissue slices, in which improved maintenance of cellular viability is seen over the 3 days tested. This system has the flexibility to be used for a variety of further uses and has the potential to provide a more accessible alternative to current bioreactor technologies.