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Smith, AP, Raine, MJ, Surrey, E, Awaji, S, Okada, T & Hampshire, DP (2019). 3D Properties in (RE)BCO Tapes measured in Fields up to 35 T. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 29(5): 6601005.

Author(s) from Durham


We have measured the temperature and angular dependence of the upper critical field (BC 2 ) for three state of the
art (RE)BCO HTS tapes using variable-temperature ac susceptibility measurements in applied fields up to 35 T. The three tapes
measured were a Fujikura tape without artificial pinning centers
and Superpower tapes with and without artificial pinning centers. We have obtained fits to our BC 2 (T,θ) data using both
the anisotropic Ginzburg–Landau (G–L) and Klemm’s models for
layered superconductors. Our calculations suggest that these tapes
are three-dimensional (3-D) at all temperatures in zero field but
become 2-D in magnetic fields above a crossover field of 457/γ
T, where γ = √mc/mab is the G–L anisotropy parameter. The
values of γ were measured and show that the 3-D–2-D crossover
fields in these tapes are at least 130 T.