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Smith, A. P., Surrey, E., Moon, S. H. & Hampshire, D. P. (2018). Comparison of Jc in GdBCO tape using Dc magnetisation and harmonic Ac susceptibility measurements. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 28(4): 6602704.

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We have measured the critical current density (jc) of a sample of SuNAM HTS tape using Ac Susceptibility (ACS) and Dc Magnetisation (DCM) techniques. In DCM measurements, inhomogeneity in the applied Dc field (δB) causes a systematic underestimate of . The error in DCM measurements is characterized by the penetration parameter, γ=3πX0δB(3w−w2l)μ0Jc, and grows as decreases. Using a harmonic ACS analysis, we have obtained more accurate measurements of as a function of applied Dc field and temperature for γ≈1.