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Krummenacher, J., Grubert, A. & Müller, H.J. (2010). Inter-trial and redundant-signals effects in visual search and discrimination tasks: separable pre-attentive and post-selective effects. Vision Research 50(14): 1382-1395.

Author(s) from Durham


Feature singleton search is faster when the target-defining dimension is repeated, rather than changed, across trials (Found & Müller, 1996). A similar dimension repetition benefit has been observed in a non-search (discrimination) task with a single stimulus (Mortier, Theeuwes, & Starreveld, 2005). Two experiments examined whether these effects in the two tasks originate from the same or different processing stages. Experiment 1 revealed differential feature-specific effects, and Experiment 2 differential processing of dimensionally redundant target signals between the two types of task. These dissociations support the existence of separable, pre-attentive and post-selective sources of inter-trial effects in the two tasks.