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Publication details for Dr Christopher Donaghy-Spargo

Donaghy-Spargo, C.M., Mecrow, B.C. & Widmer, J.D. (2018). On the Influence of Increased Stator Leakage Inductance in Single Tooth Wound Synchronous Reluctance Motors. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 65(6): 4475-4482.

Author(s) from Durham


This paper explores the leakage inductance of a single tooth wound synchronous reluctance motor and its influence on motor performance. It is shown that the stator leakage inductance heavily influences the true saliency ratio in synchronous reluctance motors and a large stator leakage inductance has a serious detrimental impact on the operating power factor. It is also shown through analytical and FEA analysis that synchronous reluctance motors with single tooth windings suffer an inherent high stator leakage inductance that is dominated the air gap harmonic leakage component, derived from the significant stator MMF harmonics experienced with this winding type. This explains for the first time the experimental results showing a low operating power factor compared to a distributed wound machine. Measurement of the stator leakage inductance is attempted on a prototyped machine and the standardized method is found to be lacking when single tooth windings are employed.