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Publication details for Dr Christopher Donaghy-Spargo

Donaghy-Spargo, C.M., Mecrow, B.C. & Widmer, J.D. (2017). Electromagnetic Analysis of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor with Single Tooth Windings. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 53(11): 8206207.

Author(s) from Durham


This paper explores some key electromagnetic design aspects of a synchronous reluctance motor which is equipped with single tooth windings (i.e. fractional slot-concentrated windings). The analyzed machine, a 6 slot 4 pole motor, utilizes a segmented stator core structure for ease of coil winding, pre-assembly and facilitation of high slot fill factors (~60%). The impact on the motors torque producing capability and its power factor of these inter-segment air-gaps between the stator segments is investigated through 2D FEA studies where it is shown that they have a low impact. From previous studies, torque ripple is a known issue with this particular slot-pole combination of synchronous reluctance motor and the use of two different commercially available semi-magnetic slot wedges are investigated as a method to improve torque quality. An analytical analysis of continuous rotor skewing is also investigated as an attempt to reduce the torque ripple. Finally, it is shown through a combination of 2D & 3D FEA studies in conjunction with experimentally derived results on a prototype machine that axial fringing effects cannot be ignored when predicting the q-axis reactance in such machines. A comparison of measured orthogonal axis flux linkages/reactance with 3D FEA studies is presented for the first time.