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Publication details for Dr Christopher Donaghy-Spargo

Donaghy-Spargo, C. M., Mecrow, B. C. & Widmer, J. D. (2017), Leakage Inductance of a Prototyped Single Tooth Wound Synchronous Reluctance Motor, International Electrical Machines and Drives (IEMDC) Conference. Miami, Florida, IEEE, Piscataway, 556-561.

Author(s) from Durham


This paper explores the inductance characteristics present in single tooth wound synchronous reluctance motors, specifically the stator leakage inductance. Despite the nature of the single tooth design resulting in increased air gap harmonic content, having has consequences for the machines' design, performance & operation, the topology has been shown previously to be competitive for high efficiency drives. A key design constraint in the design of synchronous reluctance motors is maximizing the direct axis inductance and minimizing the quadrature axis inductance for a high saliency ratio. The effect of increased leakage inductance on this saliency ratio is explored with emphasis placed on design aspects of such single tooth wound synchronous reluctance motors. It is shown that careful design of the machine is required to maximize the saliency ratio in this machine topology and that the dominant leakage inductance component is the air gap harmonic leakage.