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Publication details for Prof. Ivana Evans

V. A. Money, I. R. Evans, J. Elhaik, M. A. Halcrow & J. A. K. Howard (2004). An X-ray powder diffraction study of the spin-crossover transition and structure of bis (2,6-dipyrazol-1-ylpyrazine)iron(II) perchlorate. Acta Crystallographica Section B-Structural Science 60: 41-45.
  • Publication type: Journal Article

Author(s) from Durham


The crystal structure of the iron(II) spin-crossover compound [Fe(C10H8N6)(2)](ClO4)(2) in the high-spin state has been solved from powder X-ray diffraction data using the DASH program and refined using Rietveld refinement. The thermal spin transition has been monitored by following the change in unit-cell parameters with temperature. The title compound has been found to undergo a crystallographic phase change, involving a doubling of the crystallographic a axis, on undergoing the spin transition.