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Publication details for Dr Martin Schröder

Skipsey, M., Hack, G., Hooper, T. A., Shankey, M. C., Conway, L. P., Schröder, M. & Hodgson, D. R. W. (2013). 5’-Deoxy-5’-hydrazinylguanosine as an initiator of T7 RNA polymerase-catalyzed transcriptions for the preparation of labeling-ready RNAs. Nucleosides, Nucleotides, and Nucleic Acids 32(12): 670-681.

Author(s) from Durham


5′-deoxy-5′-hydrazinylguanosine was incorporated into the 5′-termini of RNA transcripts using T7 RNA polymerase. Transcriptions provided 5′-hydrazinyl-RNA that was readily labeled and purified. The use of fluorophore-labeled material was validated in an endoribonuclease activity assay.