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Durham University

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Preparation of Publications

Peer review is not only applicable to grant applications: it also applies to the preparation of material for publication. Authors are expected to engage in some or all of the following activities, depending on the usual research and publication practices in their field:

  • In the case of single authored publications, to seek feedback on publications from colleagues with appropriate expertise before submission, especially in the case of monographs, articles for top journals or prestigious invited collections.
  • For publications with shared authorship, to consult collaborators about authorship, and allow co-authors sufficient time to make comments on drafts and for the comments to be incorporated in the final paper.
  • To follow appropriate disciplinary practice for joint authorship, in terms of who should be included, and author order; and to give appropriate credit for the contribution of PhD students, postdocs and ECRs.
  • Share publications, periodically and as appropriate, with other research peers, authors, or the DoR, as a method of calibrating relative quality across a research area and of sharing good practice.
  • Submit publications to departmental research quality evaluations such as output calibration exercises.
  • Always aim to produce publications of the highest quality and level of ambition intended for the most prestigious journal or imprint appropriate to the research area, in preference to producing a large number of publications of lesser quality.