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Research and Innovation Services

Staff Contact Details

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Director: Dr Andrew Jackson Director of Research and Innovation Services 44632 andrew.r.jackson@durham.ac.uk
Helen Deacon PA to Director of Research and Innovation Services 44635 helen.deacon@durham.ac.uk
Commercialisation & Economic Development: Dr Tim Hammond Director of Commercialisation & Economic Development / Deputy to the Director of RIS 43189 tim.hammond@durham.ac.uk
Jennifer Taylor Head of Economic Development 44657 jennifer.a.taylor@durham.ac.uk
Ashleigh Adey Post Award Finance & Project Officer 44723 ashleigh.adey@durham.ac.uk
Dr Heather Allinson Technology Transfer Manager 43209 heather.allinson@durham.ac.uk
Michael Bath Technology Transfer Manager 43205 michael.bath@durham.ac.uk
Jordan Christie Northern Accelerator Marketing Officer 42795 jordan.christie@durham.ac.uk
Miss Julie McLoughlin ERDF Project & Performance Manager 44758 julie.mcloughlin@durham.ac.uk
Edwin Milligan CCF Project Manager 49196 edwin.e.milligan@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Rachel Murphy Funding Development and Compliance Officer 42813 rachel.e.murphy@durham.ac.uk
Su Stinchcombe CCF Project Administrator 44839 suzanne.m.stinchcombe@durham.ac.uk
Dr Naomi Willis Technology Transfer Manager 43194 naomi.d.willis@durham.ac.uk
Partnerships and Engagement: Julie Swinbank Head of Partnerships & Engagement 43213 julie.swinbank@durham.ac.uk
Rachael Barnwell Senior Impact and Engagement Manager (Arts & Humanities) 42465 (Faculty) rachael.l.barnwell@durham.ac.uk
Mr Peter Chalder-Wood Senior Business Development Manager 47608 peter.e.chalder-wood@durham.ac.uk
Michelle Dixon Senior Business Development Manager 49115 michelle.dixon@durham.ac.uk
Julianne Emborg Business Development Manager 44647 julianne.emborg@durham.ac.uk
Jim Fraser Senior Business Development Manager 41011 james.h.fraser@durham.ac.uk
Elaine Grieveson ESRC IAA Business Development Manager RIS 49116 , Faculty 42918 elaine.grieveson@durham.ac.uk
Neil Heckels Senior Policy Engagement & Impact Manager 44641 neil.heckels@durham.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Hilton Senior Impact & Engagement Manager 49307 sarah.j.hilton@durham.ac.uk
Lisa Hodgson Impact and Engagement Officer 49204 l.m.hodgson@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Helen Kelt Senior Business Development Manager (Consultancy & Business Services) 47607 helen.l.kelt@durham.ac.uk
Charlotte Kerr DTP Business Boost Officer RIS 43211 , Faculty 42918 charlotte.kerr@durham.ac.uk
Dr Victoria Money Senior Impact & Engagement Manager 44643 v.a.money@durham.ac.uk
Richard Parker-Smith Senior Business Development Manager 49309 richard.parker-smith@durham.ac.uk
Bernadette Robertson Business Development Manager (KTP) 43175 bernadette.c.robertson@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Sophie World Communications Officer (Partnerships & Engagement) 45054 sophie.j.world@durham.ac.uk
Research Development: Lorna Wilson Head of Research Development 44587 lorna.wilson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Emma Bowen Research Development Manager 44624 emma.j.bowen@durham.ac.uk
Dr Anna Brown International Research Development Manager 44645 anna.brown@durham.ac.uk
Dr Emma Campbell Research Development Officer 44631 emma.campbell@durham.ac.uk
Eleanor Glenton Research Development Manager 44659 eleanor.glenton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jamie Grimwade Research Development Manager - Industry 42675 jamie.b.grimwade@durham.ac.uk
Dr Harriet Hutchinson Research Development Manager 42843 harriet.hutchinson@durham.ac.uk
Tracy Suddick Research Development Manager 44670 tracy.suddick@durham.ac.uk
Research Operations: Sally Hewlett Head of Research Operations 44642 s.a.hewlett@durham.ac.uk
Maria Aznarez Research Administrator 42817 maria.aznarez@durham.ac.uk
Louise Baker Post Award Finance & Project Officer 49316 louise.baker@durham.ac.uk
Dr Judith Benson Research Support Officer 44633 judith.benson@durham.ac.uk
Rebecca Buckingham Research Grants & Contracts Officer - Job Share (Mon-Wed) 44644 buckingham.simpson@durham.ac.uk
Laura Chatterton-Dawson Post Award Finance & Project Officer 46969 laura.chatterton-dawson@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Leila Cole Research Finance Compliance Manager 48275 leila.e.cole@durham.ac.uk
Christine Curran Post Award Finance & Project Officer 49491 christine.curran@durham.ac.uk
Katie Daniels Research Grants & Contracts Officer 49192 katherine.daniels@durham.ac.uk
Colin Dickinson Research Contracts Manager 49303 colin.r.dickinson@durham.ac.uk
Miss Holly Espin Post Award Finance Assistant 48411 holly.a.espin@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Jacqueline Ford Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46929 jacqui.ford@durham.ac.uk
Luke Garnham Research Systems & Information Officer 42989 luke.garnham@durham.ac.uk
Nicola Hall Commercial Contracts Support Officer 43176 n.l.hall@durham.ac.uk
Anna Hutchinson Research Grants & Contracts Officer 49224 a.k.hutchinson@durham.ac.uk
Louise Jones Research Grants & Contracts Officer 44638 louise.m.jones@durham.ac.uk
Georgia Lee Research Support Officer 49130 georgia.lee@durham.ac.uk
Dr Rachael Matthews Research Grants & Contracts Officer 44654 r.v.matthews@durham.ac.uk
Dr Gemma Metcalfe Research Grants & Contracts Officer 49304 gemma.metcalfe@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Leena Milroy Senior Project Manager 42686 leena.m.milroy@durham.ac.uk
Mr Gary Mitchell Research Grants & Contracts Officer 46903 gary.mitchell@durham.ac.uk
Linda Morris Post Award Finance & Project Officer 46930 linda.morris@durham.ac.uk
Lorraine Parkin Research Support Officer 44639 lorraine.parkin@durham.ac.uk
Rachel J. Pears Research Grants & Contracts Officer 43212 r.j.pears@durham.ac.uk
Dr Pamela Robinson Commercial Contracts Officer 44646 p.j.robinson@durham.ac.uk
Sandra Robinson Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46956 sandra.robinson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Georgia Salpingidou Research Grants & Contracts Officer 44637 georgia.salpingidou@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Rachel Simpson Research Grants & Contracts Officer - Job Share (Wed-Fri) 49308 buckingham.simpson@durham.ac.uk
Rowan Stace Research Support Officer 49106 rowan.stace@durham.ac.uk
Kirstin Unwin Research Grants & Contracts Officer 44662 kirstin.unwin@durham.ac.uk
Diane Urwin Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46929 diane.urwin@durham.ac.uk
Joanne Wandless Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46962 joanne.wandless@durham.ac.uk
Jacqueline Wilson Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46926 mary.wilson@durham.ac.uk
Research Policy: Niall O'Loughlin Head of Research Policy 44623 niall.c.o'loughlin@durham.ac.uk
Catherine Brewer Research Policy Officer 41205 c.m.brewer@durham.ac.uk
Karen McMullen REF Strategy and Policy Officer 44092 karen.mcmullen@durham.ac.uk
Service Support Team: Rebecca Dunn Service Support Manager 43207 r.a.dunn@durham.ac.uk
Laura Bartley Service Support Administrator 44650 l.m.bartley@durham.ac.uk
Lindsay Bell Service Support Administrator 43210 lindsay.bell@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Christine Elliott Service Support Administrator 49244 christine.j.elliott@durham.ac.uk
Miss Elizabeth Kirk Ref/Research Policy Administrator 44623 elizabeth.a.kirk@durham.ac.uk