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Durham University

Research and Innovation Services

Staff Contact Details

If you need advice about Research Grants or funding please click here for your departmental contacts.

Director: Dr Andrew Jackson Director of Research and Innovation Services 44632 , 07787 697 776
Helen Deacon PA to Director of Research and Innovation Services 44635
Commercialisation & Economic Development: Dr Tim Hammond Director of Commercialisation & Economic Development / Deputy to the Director of RIS 43189 , 07711 071097
Jennifer Taylor Head of Economic Development 44657 ,07979 642755 Contact Jennifer Taylor
Ashleigh Adey Post Award Finance & Project Officer 44723
Dr Heather Allinson Technology Transfer Manager 43209 , 07771 501019
Michael Bath Technology Transfer Manager 43205 Contact Michael Bath
Mr William Bevin-Nicholls ORBIT Centre Manager tbc Contact William Bevin-Nicholls
Jordan Christie Northern Accelerator Marketing Officer 42795 , 07769 234785
Edwin Milligan CCF Project Manager 49196
Mrs Rachel Murphy Funding Development and Compliance Officer 42813 Contact Rachel Murphy
Su Stinchcombe CCF Project Administrator 44839
Dr Naomi Willis Technology Transfer Manager 43194 Contact Naomi Willis
Partnerships and Engagement: Julie Swinbank Head of Partnerships & Engagement 43213 Contact Julie Swinbank
Rachael Barnwell Senior Impact and Engagement Manager (Arts & Humanities) 42465 (Faculty)
Mrs Susan Boyd Senior Business Development Manager (Business School) 45281
Miss Joanne Brayson Impact Project Support Officer 45407 Contact Joanne Brayson
Michelle Dixon Senior Business Development Manager 49115 , 07918 363933
Julianne Emborg Business Development Manager 44647 , 07771 500857 Contact Julianne Emborg
Jim Fraser Senior Business Development Manager 41011 , 07833 200943
Elaine Grieveson Impact Programme Manager (ESRC IAA) RIS 49116 , Faculty 42918 , 07979 644139
Neil Heckels Senior Policy Engagement & Impact Manager 44641
Dr Sarah Hilton Senior Impact & Engagement Manager 49307
Lisa Hodgson Impact and Engagement Officer 49204
Dr Adam Holden Impact Manager (Geography)
Mrs Helen Kelt Senior Business Development Manager (Consultancy & Business Services) 47607 , 07764 338123 Contact Helen Kelt
Charlotte Kerr DTP Business Boost Officer RIS 43211 , Faculty 42918
Dr Victoria Money Senior Impact & Engagement Manager 44643
Dr. Bernadette Robertson Business Development Manager (KTP) 43175
Dr Lara Small Impact Manager (Faculty of Business)
Research Development: Lorna Wilson Head of Research Development 44587
Dr Emma Bowen Research Development Manager 44624
Dr Anna Brown International Research Development Manager 44645
Eleanor Glenton Research Development Manager 44659
Dr Jamie Grimwade Research Development Manager - Industry 42675 Contact Jamie Grimwade
Dr Harriet Hutchinson Research Development Manager 42843
Tracy Suddick Research Development Manager 44670 Contact Tracy Suddick
Research Operations: Sally Hewlett Head of Research Operations 44642 , 07771 611212
Maria Aznarez Research Grants & Contracts Manager 42817
Louise Baker Post Award Finance & Project Officer 49316
Dr Judith Benson Research Grants Coordinator 44633
Rebecca Buckingham Research Grants & Contracts Officer - Job Share (Mon-Wed) 44644
Laura Chatterton-Dawson Post Award Finance & Project Officer 46969
Mrs Leila Cole Senior Research Finance Compliance Manager 48275 , 07899 840594
Ms Clare Collyer Post Award Finance and Project Manager (Faculty of Science) tbc
Christine Curran Post Award Finance & Project Officer 45010
Katie Daniels Research Grants & Contracts Manager 49192
Colin Dickinson Senior Contracts Manager 49303 , 07899 875091
Miss Holly Espin Post Award Finance Assistant 48411
Mrs Jacqueline Ford Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46929 Contact Jacqueline Ford
Luke Garnham Research Systems & Information Officer 42989
Nicola Hall Commercial Contracts Support Officer 43176
Anna Hutchinson Research Grants & Contracts Manager 49224
Louise Jones Research Grants & Contracts Manager 44638
Georgia Lee Post Award Finance & Project Officer 46969
Dr Rachael Matthews Senior Research Grants & Contracts Manager 44654 , 07899 858356
Dr Gemma Metcalfe Research Grants & Contracts Manager 49304
Mrs Leena Milroy Senior Project Manager 42686 , 07899 838685
Mr Gary Mitchell Research Grants & Contracts Manager 46903
Linda Morris Post Award Finance & Project Officer 46930
Lorraine Parkin Research Grants Coordinator 44639
Rachel J. Pears Senior Research Grants & Contracts Manager 43212 , 07899 847139
Mrs Zoe Rickelton Research Grants and Contracts Manager
Dr Pamela Robinson Consultancy Manager 44646
Sandra Robinson Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46956
Dr Georgia Salpingidou Research Grants & Contracts Manager 44637
Mrs Rachel Simpson Research Grants & Contracts Officer - Job Share (Wed-Fri) 44644
Ms Lasairfhiona Swift Research Grants & Contracts Manager 44727
Kirstin Unwin Research Grants & Contracts Manager 44662
Diane Urwin Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46929
Joanne Wandless Post Award Finance and Project Officer 46962
Jacqueline Wilson Post Award Finance and Project Manager (Faculties of Social Science, Business and Arts and Humanities) 46926
Research Policy: Niall O'Loughlin Head of Research Policy 44623 niall.c.o'
Catherine Brewer Research Policy Officer 41205
Miss Elizabeth Kirk Ref/Research Policy Coordinator 42697 Contact Elizabeth Kirk
Karen McMullen REF Strategy and Policy Officer 44092 , 07917 837142
Service Support Team: Rebecca Dunn Service Support Manager 43207 , 07771 500836
Laura Bartley Service Support Administrator 44650
Lindsay Bell Service Support Administrator 43210
Christine Elliott Service Support Administrator 49244