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Private Accommodation: Queen's Campus


The Property

The building should be structurally sound and free from damp; a damp course should be standard in older properties.

All student properties which accommodate more than 5 tenants and has rooms above the first floor will be require a license under the Housing Act 2004. The Urban Renewal Division at Stockton Borough Council can give further details. Please telephone 01642 526590.

All properties must have the basic facilities listed below, as well as complying with all the requirements of the Accreditation Scheme.

Soft furnishing

It is a legal requirement that all soft furnishings, i.e. beds, mattresses, head-boards, 3 piece suites, upholstered chairs, etc. must comply with the fire resistance requirements as stipulated in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire & Safety) Regulations 1988. This is to safeguard tenants from toxic fumes that are given off by the old foam and to prevent fires by improving the fire resistance of the covers.

All furniture bought new since 1990 will have a label stating that it complies with the 1988 regulation or meets the British Standard 5852.

Do not buy second hand furniture if there is no such label on the furniture.


Minimum usable floor area 6.5m²:

  • single bed
  • clean mattress with cover
  • wardrobe
  • chest of drawers
  • desk or study table and chair
  • carpet and curtains to suit
  • book case or shelving
  • minimum of 4 electric sockets.


The bathroom and W/C should not lead directly off the kitchen; i.e. there should be a ventilated space such as a small hallway between a kitchen and toilet. All bathrooms should include shower facilities.

Living room

  • 3 piece suite or easy chairs
  • dining table and chairs
  • carpet
  • curtains.

If there is a downstairs bedroom, access should be from the hallway and not through the living room. All bedrooms should have independent access i.e. not via another room.


Mminimum of 5m²:

  • cooker
  • refrigerator (preferably fridge/freezer)
  • provision of hot water
  • adequate number of cupboards and food preparation surfaces for the number of tenants
  • microwave
  • washing machine
  • vacuum cleaner
  • dustpan and brush
  • wheelie-bin.


Bedrooms and lounge should all have opening windows, which are lockable. If a kitchen, bathroom or toilet does not have an opening window, a fan must be installed to comply with Stockton Council requirements.

Suitable and sufficient permanent means of ventilation (e.g. trickle ventilators) should be provided in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.


Gas central heating to be provided in all rooms. There are restrictions on the installation of individual gas appliances in bedrooms because of the danger of carbon monoxide poison.
Suitable and sufficient permanent ventilation (e.g. trickle ventilators) should be provided in any room with an individual gas heating appliance.

Please contact the Health and Safety Executive Gas Safety Advice Line on 0800 300 363 for further information.