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Durham University

Quantum Light and Matter

Quantum Fluids and Turbulence

Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates and Quantum Ferrofluidity

The experimental achievement of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates of magnetic atoms in various laboratories worldwide has realised a new form of fluid - the quantum ferrofluid - which combines two of our most bizarre fluid types, ferrofluidity and superfluidity. The magnetic nature of the superfluid leads to novel states, instabilities and opportunities to control the gas. We are concerned with the dynamics of this fluid, including solitons, vortices and turbulence, exploring how the long-range and anisotropic introduce new physics beyond conventional condensates. We have ongoing collaborations in this area with the group of Dr Andy Martin (University of Melbourne), Dr Duncan O'Dell (McMaster University) and Professor Kazimierz Rzążewski (Polish Academy of Sciences).

Neutron Stars

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Quantised Vortex Dynamics and Topology

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Quantum Turbulence

Quantum turbulence is distinct from turbulence in ordinary fluids due to the absence of viscosity and the discrete nature of the vorticity. We study the fundamental properties of turbulence across superfluid liquid helium (both bosonic 4He and fermionic 3He) and atomic condensates. Topics include the generation of turbulence, the statistical properties of the flow, analogies to classical turbulence, the diffusion of quantised vorticity, the theory behind methods of visualizing turbulence, and the interaction between vortex lines and boundaries.
We are also interested in investigating two-dimensional quantum turbulence; particularly the properties of cylinder wakes and the transition to turbulence, and the emergence of quasi-classical inverse energy and forward enstrophy cascades.