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Durham University

Quantum Light and Matter

Towards Dipolar Physics with Ultracold Molecules

Dipolar Physics with Ultracold Molecules is a workshop which will bring together few-body and many-body theorists and experimentalists from the dipolar quantum gas community in order to address the key challenges facing the field of ultracold molecules, with a particular focus on quantum simulation of many-body physics problems. It will take place from 18-20 November 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Durham, UK.

Topics include molecular collisions, quantum state control, quantum simulation with dipolar gases, quantum gas microscopy, direct laser cooling of molecules, and molecular assembly.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Waseem Bakr, Princeton Probing dynamical properties of atomic Fermi-Hubbard systems with a quantum gas microscope
  • Hans Peter Büchler, Stuttgart Quantum Simulations of Topological states of matter using dipolar interactions
  • Olivier Dulieu, Orsay, Ultracold doubly-polar molecules: "en route" to create them
  • Philip Gregory, Durham Sticky collisions of ultracold RbCs molecules
  • Kaden Hazzard, Rice How sticky collisions give rise to new many-body physics
  • Jon Hood, Harvard Assembly of Ultracold Molecules with Optical Tweezers
  • Paul Julienne, JQI Calculation of three-body processes in ultracold atomic gases and lattices
  • Stefan Kuhr, Strathclyde
  • Xinyu Luo, LMU Tune-out and magic dipole trap for ultracold polar molecules
  • Daniel McCarron, UConn Laser-cooled molecules for quantum science and ultracold chemistry
  • Silke Ospelkaus, Hannover, Ultracold ensembles of ground state bosonic 23Na39K molecules
  • Isabel Rabey, MPQ Investigation of molecule-molecule collisions in a trap
  • Florian Schreck, UvA RbSr Feshbach resonances
  • Bo Zhao, USTC Observation of Feshbach resonances in ultracold atom-molecule collisions

Unfortunately Dajun Wang, CUHK is no longer able to attend

Contributing Speakers

  • Loic Anderegg, Harvard Optical Tweezer Arrays of Cold Molecules
  • Luke Caldwell, Imperial Long rotational coherence times of molecules in a magnetic trap
  • Arthur Christianen, MPQ Photo-induced two-body loss of ultracold molecules
  • Arya Dhar, Hannover Non-equilibrium phenomena with dipolar gases in optical lattices
  • Servaas Kokkelmans, Eindhoven Scattering hypervolume for ultracold bosons from weak to strong interaction.
  • Tim Langen, Stuttgart Dipolar Gases - From Magnetic Atoms to Molecules
  • Jordi Mur-Petit, Oxford Controlling dipoles and entangling molecules with magnetic and microwave fields
  • Daniel Petter, Innsbruck Supersolid behaviors in quantum Bose gases of highly magnetic atoms
  • Alex Guttridge, Durham Quantum degenerate mixtures of Cs and Yb: Towards paramagnetic CsYb molecules
  • Ryan Thomas, Otago Towards Cold Chemistry with an Optical Collider