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Public Policy and Health


Professor D J Hunter - all publications

Authored book

Book review

Chapter in book

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Edited book

  • Hunter, David J (2008). Perspectives on Joint Director of Public Health Appointments. london: Improvement and Development Foundation.
  • Hunter, David J (2007). Managing for Health. Routledge Health Management. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Griffiths, S & Hunter, David J (2007). New Perspectives in Public Health. Oxford: Radcliffe.
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Journal Article


Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Hunter, D.J. & Goodwin, N. (2014). Context is everything in health leadership. Health service journal Feb: 16-17.
  • Hunter, DJ (2014). The Public Health Shift Is Not Simple. Health service journal 124(6410): 16.
  • Hunter, DJ (2013). To Market! To Market!.
  • Hunter, D.J. (2009). Be bold with the NHS - be inspired by Cuba. Public Servant 10-11.
  • Hunter, David J (2001). Control freaks in the firing line. Health service journal 111: 16.

Other (Print)


Working Paper

  • Hunter, David J (2010). Getting to grips with health inequalities at last?. British Medical Journal
  • Calman, K, Hunter, David J & May, A (2004). Lost in Translation: a commentary on the implementation of the NHS Plan.
  • Calman, K, Hunter, David J & May, A (2002). Make or Break Time for Health under New Labour? a commentary on Labour's health policy two years into the NHS Plan.
  • Calman, K, Hunter, David J & May, A (2001). Things Can Only Get Better: a commentary on implementing the NHS Plan.