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Department of Psychology


Publication details for Professor David Over

Green, DW & Over, DE (2000). Decision theoretic effects in testing a causal conditional. Cahiers De Psychologie Cognitive-current Psychology Of Cognition 19(1): 51-68.
  • Publication type: Journal papers: academic
  • ISSN/ISBN: 0249-9185
  • Keywords: causal selection task; contingency tables; decision theoretic effectsSELECTION TASK; CONTINGENCY; RATIONALITY

Author(s) from Durham


Recent decision theoretic analyses of causal judgment and of
performance on the selection task have both been very productive but
these two areas remain unintegrated. We first indicate how to integrate
them in the case of a causal selection task and then confirm that
people's decisions in a causal selection task (N = 156) are indeed
sensitive to the probabilistic context of a causal claim. Our results
rule out accounts that ignore the set size of supposed cause and
supposed effect or the probability judgements which reflect these.