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Project Thailand

Student Thai Society

Durham University Thai Society (DUTS) is relatively new compared to many Thai societies around the UK. It was founded in 2005 by a small group of Thai students who wanted to establish a forum where their views and experiences can be exchanged and to help create, improve and celebrate the unity among the Thai students within the university as well as making connection with other Thai societies around the UK.

Over the past two years, the society has matured with increasing number of membership. There are currently around 50 members, the majority of which are postgraduates. We have successfully organised various events including the famous 'Thai Night' to promote our celebrated culture with Thai food, traditional dances and other performances. It has become our biggest annual event and this year is no exception. Other events include Tod Kra Tin Trip, welcoming parties and participation of Samaggi Game (an annual sport tournament for all Thai students around the UK).

The Thai Society at Durham is also famous for its charitable attribute. Last year's profit from the Thai Night went straight to Wat Pra Bat Nam Phu in Thailand to help HIV-positive children and AIDS patients. We aim to uphold this reputation and to maintain the image of the society as a friendly, active, organised and successful student-run society. This year 2008, Thai Night party will be held at Howlands Building, JCR on 6th June 2008. Again, some profits will go to charity in Thailand.

In additional to organizing events, we also aim to provide support and any relevant information to our members. We are fully aware that coming to England for the first time can be a very frustrating and daunting experience, so we hope that by having a welcoming and friendly community and support network, our members will settle in more easily and feel like home. We also join DU activities, e.g. Ustinov International Forum.