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Project Thailand

Diary 2011

Tuesday 4th January by Yasmin

(4 January 2011)

We rose that morning to the usual baffling noises in the village, noises that contrast so much to the usual kinds of things you hear in the morning in England. Rather than the sound of cars on the street, of beeping horns, casual conversations and the kettle boiling, we have become accustomed to the squealing of pigs, crying of babies and cuckoos' of just about every cockerel in the village; that is not to say that we do not enjoy such noises, they do seem to remind us of the lovely place we are in (even if they do all begin at around 5.30am)!

Today there was only to be about half a day of teaching, as the afternoon was to be occupied by a teacher's dinner and party with of course the usual obligatory presence of karaoke and far too much food, followed by an evening spent with the English teacher Yim. After a morning of teaching the children about various bodily parts, complimented by the participation of the majority of the team  in a large session of "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" to try and promote learning, Yim announced that she'd be driving us through to Nan city for the party a little earlier so our teaching was limited. We arrived at a lovely "forest restaurant" full of teachers arranged on tables according to their school and district, and after a number of speeches and awards the karaoke began, as did the marathon of delicious food! I unfortunately was feeling rather under the weather on this particular day, and had been for a number of days so ended up taking a visit with Tip to the hospital to get all this checked out, whilst the others travelled back to the guest house. I ended up with some form of virus and spent a night in the hospital with Sian, whilst the others, contrary to the original plan stayed in for the evening for some well needed rest!