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Project Thailand

Diary 2011

Monday 10th January by Jessica

(10 January 2011)

Today was our penultimate day in the village. This morning we only had two classes because in the afternoon Yim told us that the teachers were having a meeting so there was no school.

We decided to teach the topic of time to a class of 12 year olds. This turned out to be quite a hard concept for the class but in the end most of the children had grasped the general phrases. As we had the afternoon free we decided to throw the children a going away party. We decided to make the party as western as possible so we had previously brought crisps, chocolate and pop for the children. We also played many of the party games which we had at Christmas and there were also many games of badminton and football.

After a couple of hours some of the older girls offered to take us swimming again so several of us wandered down to the river with a large gaggle of children accompanying us. Sian and I were physically dragged into the freezing cold water in the river and many of the younger children were dive bombing off one of the banks. We went upstream where the children showed us how to catch river shell fish which they later cooked for us.

We all settled down for an early night but later on some of us were woken up by the sound of rain. The first rain we had seen for a month!