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Durham University

Postgraduate Module Handbook 2021/2022

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Please ensure you check the module availability box for each module outline, as not all modules will run in each academic year. Each module description relates to the year indicated in the module availability box. Please be aware that modules may change from year to year, and may be amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback.

  • THEO30140 - Graduate Diploma Dissertation (40 Credits)
  • THEO40130 - Paul and His Interpreters
  • THEO40230 - Conceiving Change in Contemporary Catholicism
  • THEO40630 - Liturgy and Sacramentality
  • THEO41030 - Christian Gender
  • THEO41230 - Principles of Theological Ethics
  • THEO41330 - Social Scientific Methods in The Study of Religion
  • THEO41630 - Twentieth-century Catholic Theology
  • THEO41930 - Anglican Theology in Context
  • THEO42330 - Practical Theology: Context, Practice and Methodology
  • THEO42530 - The Theological Task: Contemporary Perspectives
  • THEO42630 - Gospels and Canon
  • THEO42830 - Middle Egyptian
  • THEO43130 - Spirituality, Religion and Health
  • THEO43230 - Patristic Ecclesiology
  • THEO43330 - Patristic Exegesis
  • THEO43430 - Classic Texts in Christian Theology
  • THEO43530 - The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and The New Testament
  • THEO43630 - The Bible and Hermeneutics
  • THEO43710 - Extended Study in Theology and Religion
  • THEO43830 - Ecclesiology and Ethnography
  • THEO43930 - Catholic Social Thought
  • THEO44030 - Doctrine of Creation
  • THEO44130 - England’s Religious Revolution 1640-62
  • THEO44230 - Death, Sacrifice, and Prayer
  • THEO44330 - Method in Practical Theology
  • THEO44430 - Understanding Practice in Theology and Religion
  • THEO44530 - Scripture, Art and Theology
  • THEO44630 - The Thought of Thomas Aquinas in Context
  • THEO44730 - Religion in The Neo-liberal Age
  • THEO44830 - Christianity in The Second Century
  • THEO44930 - Faith and Reason
  • THEO45030 - Word and Image: Classic Foundations for Christian Visuality
  • THEO45130 - Introductory New Testament Greek
  • THEO45230 - Introductory Biblical Hebrew
  • THEO45310 - Extended Study in Foreign Language
  • THEO45430 - Christian Fundamentalism and The Modern World
  • THEO45560 - Gospels and Canon (With Additional Texts)
  • THEO45630 - High Medieval Franciscan Theology
  • THEO45715 - Researching Religion and Belief: Reflexivity, Ethics and Identity
  • THEO50460 - Short Dissertation for Integrated Phd
  • THEO50A90 - Foundations for The Research Project
  • THEO53160 - Dissertation
  • THEO53230 - Advanced Hebrew Texts
  • THEO53430 - Advanced Aramaic
  • THEO55130 - Literature and Religion
  • THEO56730 - Ritual, Symbolism and Belief in The Anthropology of Religion
  • THEO57630 - Christian Northumbria 600-750

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