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Durham University

Postgraduate Module Handbook 2021/2022

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Please ensure you check the module availability box for each module outline, as not all modules will run in each academic year. Each module description relates to the year indicated in the module availability box. Please be aware that modules may change from year to year, and may be amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback.

  • SOCI30220 - Practice Education (Stage 1)
  • SOCI40345 - Research in Social Work
  • SOCI40530 - Criminology: Theory and Critical Issues
  • SOCI40630 - Gender, Violence and Abuse
  • SOCI41030 - Cybercrime and Cyberculture
  • SOCI41160 - Dissertation in Sociology/Criminology
  • SOCI41730 - Sociology of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation
  • SOCI41940 - Social Work in Context
  • SOCI42040 - Social Work in Practice
  • SOCI42150 - Social Work Practice 1 (50 Credits)
  • SOCI42230 - Advanced Social Work (30 Credits)
  • SOCI42370 - Social Work Practice 2 (70 Credits)
  • SOCI42610 - Practice Education (Stage 2) - 10 Credits
  • SOCI42930 - Crime, Justice and The Sex Industry
  • SOCI43030 - Professional and Personal Development
  • SOCI43330 - Social Work: Context and Practice
  • SOCI43460 - Dissertation
  • SOCI43530 - Prisons, Crime and Justice
  • SOCI43615 - Intermediate Statistics for Social Science Research
  • SOCI43715 - Participatory Action Research
  • SOCI43830 - Young People, Crime and Justice
  • SOCI43915 - Researching Society, Policy and Practice
  • SOCI44030 - Education and Social Inequality
  • SOCI44115 - Computational Social Science
  • SOCI44215 - Placement
  • SOCI44330 - Communities, Civil Society and Social Justice
  • SOCI44430 - Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOCI54630 - Public Sociology: Theory and Practice
  • SOCI57515 - Policy Related and Evaluation Research
  • SOCI57815 - Quantitative Methods in The Social Sciences
  • SOCI58815 - Qualitative Methods and Analysis
  • SOCI59415 - Research Design and Process
  • SOCI59515 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Practices Across Social Research
  • SOCI59630 - Social Policy and Society
  • SOCI59715 - Health Informatics and Clinical Intelligence

    If you have a query about a specific module or degree programme, please contact the appropriate department. For programmes in the Business School please see the Learning & Teaching Contact List.

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