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Postgraduate Module Handbook 2021/2022

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Please ensure you check the module availability box for each module outline, as not all modules will run in each academic year. Each module description relates to the year indicated in the module availability box. Please be aware that modules may change from year to year, and may be amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback.

  • HIST40090 - Dissertation (90 Credits)
  • HIST40160 - Dissertation
  • HIST41430 - The Archaeology of The Book: Codicology and Culture From Antiquity to The Renaissance
  • HIST42430 - Power and Society in The Late Middle Ages
  • HIST42530 - Paleography: Scribes, Script and History From Antiquity to The Renaissance
  • HIST42630 - Courts and Power in Early-modern Europe
  • HIST42730 - Negotiating Life in The Early Modern England
  • HIST42830 - The Wealth of Nations
  • HIST43230 - Race in Modern America
  • HIST43330 - Tribe and Nation in Africa
  • HIST43430 - Anglo-saxon Societies and Cultures: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Medieval England
  • HIST43630 - History and The Idea of Politics: 1500-1900
  • HIST43830 - Media, Culture and Society in Weimar and Nazi Germany
  • HIST44330 - Interpretations of Terror and Genocide in Modern Europe
  • HIST44430 - History, Knowledge and Visual Culture.
  • HIST44515 - Methodology and Criticism
  • HIST44530 - Serious Fun: A History of Sport From The Late Middle Ages to The Present
  • HIST44730 - Work and Play in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST44830 - Old English Language, Texts and Contexts
  • HIST44930 - The Liberal Arts – Learning, Knowledge and Power in The High Middle Ages (C.1100-c.1300)
  • HIST45030 - Feudalism: The Uses and Abuses of A Historical Model
  • HIST45130 - Intellectuals and Public Opinion in Global History
  • HIST45230 - Elections in Africa: A Cultural and Political History, C. 1950-2016
  • HIST45330 - Themes, Readings and Sources
  • HIST45430 - Reading The Medieval and Early Modern Past
  • HIST45530 - Writing The Medieval and Early Modern Past
  • HIST45630 - The Four Horsemen: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death
  • HIST45730 - A Safe Democracy? Constitutionalism, Extremism, and Political Violence in Modern England, C. 1890-1939
  • HIST45830 - Special Topic in History
  • HIST45930 - Visualizing Revolution: The Image in French Political Culture, C.1789-1914
  • HIST46030 - An Exhibitionary Complex: Museums, Collecting, and The Historical Imagination
  • HIST46115 - Grant-writing for Masters Students
  • HIST46230 - Sources of Political Power in South Asia, 1400 - 1800
  • HIST46330 - The Nature of History: Approaches to Environmental History
  • HIST46430 - Peasant Rebellions in Monsoon Asia, C.1850-1980
  • HIST46530 - Interreligious Communication in The Medieval Mediterranean
  • HIST50060 - Dissertation

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