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Durham University

Postgraduate Module Handbook 2021/2022

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Please ensure you check the module availability box for each module outline, as not all modules will run in each academic year. Each module description relates to the year indicated in the module availability box. Please be aware that modules may change from year to year, and may be amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback.

  • EDUC40030 - Teaching and Learning in The Curriculum - Generic Issues in School-based Education
  • EDUC40130 - Assessment
  • EDUC40160 - Msc Dissertation
  • EDUC40220 - Fundamentals of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • EDUC40230 - Curriculum Analysis
  • EDUC40320 - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • EDUC40330 - Psychological Perspectives On Learning
  • EDUC40420 - Student Learning As A Foundation for Reflexive Practice
  • EDUC40430 - Special Educational Needs (Sen) and Inclusion: Rhetoric Or Reality?
  • EDUC40520 - A Discipline-specific Project On Learning and Teaching
  • EDUC40530 - Intercultural and International Education
  • EDUC40620 - Supervising and Examining Postgraduate Research Students
  • EDUC40630 - Education Policy and Evaluation
  • EDUC40830 - Arts in Education
  • EDUC41230 - Leading Continual Professional Development (Cpd)
  • EDUC41420 - Developing Funded Research
  • EDUC41730 - Intercultural Communication
  • EDUC41830 - Theories of Identity and Globalisation
  • EDUC41930 - Engaging With Interpretive Research Design
  • EDUC42030 - Analysis and Evaluation of Educational Research
  • EDUC42130 - Thesis Proposal
  • EDUC42230 - Teaching and Learning in Science
  • EDUC42330 - Standardised Tests and Exams
  • EDUC42430 - Classroom Assessment
  • EDUC42530 - Judgement-based Assessment
  • EDUC42630 - Research Into and Using Assessments
  • EDUC42730 - The Strategic Leadership of Continuing Professional Development (Cpd)
  • EDUC43230 - Self Directed Study - Subject Specific Issues in School-based Education
  • EDUC43530 - Enhancing Teaching and Learning for Purposeful Thought
  • EDUC43630 - Representation and Reasoning in Mathematics
  • EDUC43730 - Chemistry As An Additional Subject Specialism (Cass)
  • EDUC43830 - Developing Understanding in Mathematics
  • EDUC43930 - Physics As An Additional Subject Specialism (Pass)
  • EDUC44030 - Design and Methods in Education Research
  • EDUC44130 - Research Methods in Education (Distance Learning)
  • EDUC44230 - Improving Computer Education
  • EDUC44330 - Classroom Assessment (Distance Learning)
  • EDUC44430 - Judgement-based Assessment (Distance Learning)
  • EDUC44560 - Msc Dissertation (Distance Learning)
  • EDUC44630 - Standardised Tests and Exams (Distance Learning)
  • EDUC45130 - Cpd Chemistry As An Additional Subject Specialism
  • EDUC45230 - Cpd Physics As An Additional Subject Specialism
  • EDUC45330 - Leading Research
  • EDUC45430 - Designing Higher Education Enquiries
  • EDUC45530 - Leadership of Learning and Teaching
  • EDUC45630 - Design and Methods in Education Research (International)
  • EDUC45730 - Critical Perspectives in Education
  • EDUC45830 - Education Enquiry
  • EDUC45960 - Dissertation
  • EDUC46030 - The Case for Higher Education: From Precarity to Empowerment
  • EDUC46130 - International Development and Education in A Global World
  • EDUC46220 - Introduction to Academic Practice
  • EDUC46340 - Enhancing Academic Practice
  • EDUC46430 - Effective Educational Leadership
  • EDUC46530 - Leading Reflective Organisations
  • EDUC46630 - Student Engagement: An Agent of Change for Positive Youth Development and Learning Success
  • EDUC46715 - Systematic Reviews
  • EDUC46830 - The Psychology of The Learner
  • EDUC46930 - Language, Education and Power
  • EDUC53430 - Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Discipline Based Assignment
  • EDUC56660 - Postgraduate Dissertation
  • EDUC59215 - Experiments in Education
  • EDUC59230 - Leading Change in Education Organisations
  • EDUC59330 - Digital Technologies and Education: Critical Perspectives
  • EDUC59560 - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

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