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Durham University

Department of Physics

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Lancaster, T, Huddart, B M, Williams, R C, Xiao, F, Franke, K J A, Baker, P J, Pratt, F L, Blundell, S J, Schlueter, J A, Mills, M B, Maahs, A C & Preuss, K E (2019). Probing magnetic order and disorder in the one-dimensional molecular spin chains CuF2(pyz) and [Ln(hfac)3(boaDTDA)] n (Ln  =  Sm, La) using implanted muons. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31(39): 394002.

Author(s) from Durham


We present the results of muon-spin relaxation (SR) measurements on antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic spin chains. In antiferromagnetic CuF2(pyz) we identify a transition to long range magnetic order taking place at K, allowing us to estimate a ratio with the intrachain exchange of and the ratio of interchain to intrachain exchange coupling as . The ferromagnetic chain [Sm(hfac)3(boaDTDA)] n undergoes an ordering transition at K, seen via a broad freezing of dynamic fluctuations on the muon (microsecond) timescale and implying . The ordered radical moment continues to fluctuate on this timescale down to 0.3 K, while the Sm moments remain disordered. In contrast, the radical spins in [La(hfac)3(boaDTDA)] n remain magnetically disordered down to T  =  0.1 K suggesting .