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Ward, M. J., Allen, D. A., Smith, M. G. & Wright, A. E. (1979). 2A 0311-227. International Astronomical Union Circular 3335: 1.

Author(s) from Durham


Infrared observations of this x-ray emitting, AM Her-like star
(IAUC 3326) were made with the Anglo-Australian Telescope by M. J.
Ward, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge; and D. A. Allen, M. G.
Smith and A. E. Wright, Anglo-Australian Observatory. Flickering
of +/- 0.2 magnitude was seen at J, H, and K, as in AM Her (Jameson
et al. 1978, Nature 271, 334). Relative to the quiescent level, a
minimum 0.8 magnitude deep was seen every 81.0 +/- 0.1 min (cf. IAUC
3324), followed within ~ 5 min by flaring up to 0.8 magnitude. The
epoch of the best observed minimum was 1979 Mar. 12d10h55m +/- 1m UT.
Similar variations were seen in the visible on the TV monitor. The
continuum was much bluer than that of AM Her, with J-K ~ +0.2.