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Scarlata, C., Carollo, C. M., Lilly, S., Sargent, M. T., Feldmann, R., Kampczyk, P., Porciani, C., Koekemoer, A., Scoville, N., Kneib, J.-P., Leauthaud, A., Massey, R., Rhodes, J., Tasca, L., Capak, P., Maier, C., McCracken, H. J., Mobasher, B., Renzini, A., Taniguchi, Y., Thompson, D., Sheth, K., Ajiki, M., Aussel, H., Murayama, T., Sanders, D. B., Sasaki, S., Shioya, Y. & Takahashi, M. (2007). COSMOS morphological classification with the Zurich Estimator of Structural Types (ZEST) and the evolution since z=1 of the luminosity function of early, disk, and irregular galaxies. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES 172(1): 406-433.

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