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Durham University

Department of Physics

Teaching and Research Technical Services

What we do

TRTS Technicians demonstrating at a Meet The Team event

Technician Jason Anderson checks one of the telescopes

Right: Our 3D printer can produce a variety of complex items

Setup of Equipment and Risk Assessment

Purchasing and Maintaining Equipment

Assist with building new experiments

Printing of reports and uploading marks

Recording attendence

Outreach Support

Telescope Dome Support

3D Printing

  • Open Days
  • Saturday Morning Physics
  • Schools Physicist of the Year
  • Supported Progression Summer School
  • Sutton Trust Summer School
  • Planetarium School Visits
  • Level 1 Skills Discovery and full sessions
  • Level 2 Skills, Electronics and Research Led Sessions
  • Level 3 Research led experiments and team projects
  • Self contained experiments used in Bridge projects

Operation, repair and maintenance of

  • PPMS / MPMS Systems

  • X-Ray Diffraction Services

  • Vacuum Systems

Crystal cutting and polishing of analytic systems

UHV Cleaning

Chiller system design and build services

Low pressure gas system design and build services

Operation of lasers / alignment of optics.

PPMS P-493 and MPMS CXL-092 facility (Labs PH24 & PH26)

Leak Check Cryostat on experiment in Nanotechnology Lab (PH58)

Provide a Hydrogen Sulfide connection to furnace in Thin Film Deposition Lab (PH70)

Brief was to upgrade laboratory space, install equipment and then provide operational support to oversee the running of the facility. The facility is for internal and external use, with access gained via a booking system and appropriate charges applied. All users must be inducted and then registered to use the facility. Brief was to check cryostat for leaks as the vacuum pressure wasn't adequate to run the experiment. Our helium leak detector was the most effective way of detecting the location of the leak. Brief was to design and install the connection. Mass flow controllers were needed to provide an 80% to 20% mix of gasses. Also a vacuum pump and glass bubbler needed to be incorporated into the design.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Cryogenics Handling / Safety Training and Advice

Liquid nitrogen dewar filling service

Radiation Protection Management

WEE waste / hazardous waste management

WEE Waste / Hazardous Waste Management

Cryogenics Handling / Safety Training and Advice

David Pattinson is the department’s coordinator for the disposal of WEE Waste / Hazardous Waste. David is available on a weekly basis at 10am Wednesday in the Woodside compound to arrange appropriate disposal of waste. All new staff and students are required to attend an Induction on the use of cryogenics. The Induction covers the following areas;
(1) Hazards,
(2) Personal Protective Equipment
(3) Exposure
(4) General use Safety Procedures and
(5) Container Filling Procedures.
Reece Stockport is the Department’s Deputy Cryogenics Officer.

Radiation Protection management Sealed Sources
and X-Ray)

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) of electrical equipment in Teaching and Research Laboratories

Michael Armstrong and David Pattinson are the department’s Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS). Duties are as follows; (1) to provide support and training to staff and students on all matters connected with radiation safety, (2) to keep an up-to-date list of all radiation workers, (3) to ensure Local Rules, signs etc. are in place and that workers are familiar with them, (4) to ensure personal monitoring equipment is worn, (5) to make regular checks for X-ray leakage around equipment, (6) to make regular checks on interlock system (7) to monitor usage and location of sealed radiation sources. To comply with the guidelines on “Portable Electrical Appliances” set out by the University Health and Safety Service, items of mains powered electrical equipment brought into the department (including newly purchased) must be logged onto the departmental portable appliance test register. Once logged, the items need to be tested annually.

Meet the Team


Teaching and Research Technical Services, Room 23, Rochester Building,
South Road DURHAM DH1 3LE