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Department of Physics

Dealing with emergencies

In the event of an accident, or an incident which could lead to an accident, it should be reported to Mr Duncan McCallum in Room PH135 or Mr Wayne Dobby in Room PH105. The Department has a number of first aiders who can be called upon in the event of minor injury.

In the event of a more serious injury then the incident should be dealt with by following the emergency procedures below.

First dial 9-999 and give clear details of the emergency, then dial 43333 to advise the University security staff who will then liaise with the emergency services.

Fire Alarms

These are situated throughout the building in corridors, rooms etc. Break the glass, operate the alarm which sounds the fire bells in the building and automatically sends a fire alarm indication to the Fire Brigade control room. The main panel indicators, which indicate the area of the fire, are situated on the ground floor near the General Office and in the entrance foyer of the Ogden Centre.

Fire Extinguishers

These are situated in corridors, laboratories, workshops, lecture theatres etc. The different types are:

  • Water discharge(most): Paper, wood, etc.
  • Carbon dioxide: Live electrical circuits.
  • Dry powder: Metal

Fire Doors

The fire doors should be kept closed at all times to prevent the spread of fire. Kick out wedges.

Emergency Exits

In addition to making an exit through the main entrance/exit doors you should ensure that you know where the emergency exits are located. They are all sign posted – check the position of your nearest emergency exit to your workplace. The emergency exits must not be used for any purpose other than an EMERGENCY.

Fire Notices

Fire notices are located throughout the building informing the occupants of the action to take in the event of a fire. Please inform the Departmental Health and Safety Co-ordinator if a notice is not displayed.