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Department of Physics

Computer classroom

The physics computer classroom is Ph216

  • Opening Hours: Normal opening hours during term-time are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9am to 6pm, Wednesday/Friday 9am-5pm. Outside term students can report to the Level 2 Technical Support room
    (PH224) if they need the room open between 9am - 5pm. Please contact Michael Armstrong in advance if you need to use the room outside normal opening hours.
  • Computers: There are 22 modern all-in-one PCs in the classroom. All are part of the University PC network, and dual boot into either Windows 10 or linux (Ubuntu). Wireless internet access is also available - an access point is located just outside the room.
  • Printing: There is a CIS colour HP printer in the classroom which can be accessed from both Windows or linux.
  • Logging-on: To log on to any of the PCs (either via Windows or linux) you will need your CIS username and password. To arrange an account ask the CIS Servicedesk.
  • Faults: Paper for the printer is the responsibility of CIS. Hardware or software faults with the PCs should be reported to the CIS personnel in room Ph2, or to the CIS Servicedesk.
  • Bookings: During Michaelmas and Epiphany terms the classroom is block booked at various times for teaching. Outside term, bookings can be arranged via Dr Metcalfe, or via the Physics General Office. Current bookings can be viewed by Physics staff via the departmental database events system.
  • Temporary accounts: For conferences, Open Days etc it is possible to arrange for temporary accounts to be set up. Again, see the CIS Servicedesk, who have a form for this purpose. They must have at least 24 hours notice (preferably more!)