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Working Well Together

Please access a short Stream video showcasing the tools and resources available that can help colleagues at this time.

As we move to carefully respond to our gradual release from lock down including preparations to welcome our students back, we look forward to once again Inspiring the Extraordinary. We do this in full knowledge that the coming academic year will be different from anything we have previously experienced. In enacting our planned staged return, our guiding principle is primarily about caring for you and safeguarding your health and wellbeing. For some colleagues to fulfil their role it will be essential for them to return to campus/site, some or all of the time. Whilst for others they can, and therefore must, continue to work from home.

In order to ensure we return to a safe working environment, it will be essential that all people on site follow all health and safety requirements.

Information and guidance about which can be found here

The opportunity to work remotely, has presented some very positive experiences, and we want to harness those as we move forward and work well together. However, for others this style of working, along with the varied impacts of Covid-19 have presented exceptionally challenging situations. The resources, and supporting guidance, found on the Wellbeing and working differently web hub have been brought together with these diverse experiences in mind.

The world of work has altered significantly because of Covid-19, and the way we work, engage and learn is almost unrecognizable from what we once knew. ‘Change’ can evoke a full array of emotions, thoughts and behaviours. We potentially all see ‘change’ differently. There are probably as many different change models to manage the change process, as there are words to describe it. At its core ‘change’ is a people process and setting goals/desired outcomes for the future make it essential for us to come together engender psychological safety and collaborate.

Setting the scene and starting to understand where

you are, as individual team members, as a collective team/group, in relation to recent events.

Kurt Lewin Change - Stream CLIP

Psychological Safety – Stream CLIP

Pulse surveys

1.Wellbeing & working different - Forms LINK
2.Wellbeing Returning to campus - Forms LINK

The Microsoft Forms link provided gives a template/duplicate copy of the pulse survey. In order to collect responses from your team, first open the template/duplicate (‘click’ on the link)

‘Click’ Share. Then select the sharing option ‘Send and collect responses'. Use this copied link to share the survey with your team

Now you have started the conversation keeping it going can reveal some key opportunities for Working Well Together.

Conversation Compass - Stream CLIP

Coaching conversations – Stream CLIP

Conversation Compass guidance – Web HUB

Conversation prompts (Manager/ Leader & Colleague) - Web HUB

Conversation Compass Template Group/team – Web HUB

Conversation Compass Template 1 to 1 – Web HUB

Further support

Encouraging habits that boost mental wellbeing - Guidance looking after your mental wellbeing

Guidance on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of Covid-19

Ensure your team follow remote working good practice – Guidance

Further support and guidance can be found at the following links.

Occupational Health

Health and Safety Service

Health and Safety Executive guidance for Homeworkers

Education Support Partnership - UK charity dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of education staff in schools, colleges and universities.

Recovery College Online - an NHS service to provide online learning materials and support to individuals with mental health difficulties. Courses include Anxiety and Stress, there are links to other courses and resources through this site.

ORCHA - an independent health science and technology company that assesses a whole range of health apps for their efficacy. They have created a list of apps that might be useful for anyone (including students) whilst going through the COVID-19 crisis.

Religious and Spiritual resources - Equality, Diveristy and Inclusion have pulled together a variety of digital resources to help staff and students continue to engage in spiritual activities.

Safety and domestic violence at home during Covid-19 restrictions

Working at home during the Covid-19 crisis can bring very different challenges depending on people's individual circumstances. If you feel unsafe, are at risk of violence, or are in contact with someone else who might be, then the following resources and information may be useful.

Bullying, harassment, hate and sexual misconduct issues

The University is a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for everyone. Staff and students can study, work and live in a community that does not tolerate bullying, harassment, hate and sexual misconduct. During these challenging times it is important that we continue our efforts to tackle these issues.

Anyone who experiences or witnesses an incident will be taken seriously and will be supported. The ‘Report and Support tool’ gives the power back to you, by giving you the choice to decide what to do next. For more information and to access the Report + Support tool, please click on the link: