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Durham University

Organisation Development

Staying in touch with your team

The Conversation Compass

The Conversation Compass provides a framework of key conversational points, by which we can navigate through individual experiences, select the focus of interactions and enable a tailored personal approach. The individual experiences can include, but may not be limited to:

Induction & Onboarding – as new members of staff join the team the Conversation Compass can be used to support the establishing and maintaining of strong working relationships

Reboarding - as a result of a restructure or People Change

Reviewing performance and continuously improvement – a performance appraisal and review was once an activity and process undertaken once a year. The Conversation Compass facilitates the opportunity to focus conversations at certain points in the year, for example specifically highlighting such areas as ‘Objectives’, ‘Strategy’ and ‘Development’, whilst also enabling these topics to remain live and easily available to pick up in ongoing conversations

Working differently – supporting conversations during this period of working differently.

Further information on the Conversation Compass can be found here.

Conversation prompts for Managers / Leaders

Conversation prompts for Colleagues

Keeping in touch with colleagues who can't work from home

Managers are encouraged to keep in touch with those members of staff who are not able to work from home. A spreadsheet has been developed to log these communications and includes some links to documents to help managers undertake conversations with their team members. Click here to access.

Please note once completed this spreadsheet needs to be kept secure by managers in line with GDPR.

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