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Durham University

Organisation Development

Managing Performance

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course it is expected that participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of performance management in the context of Durham University
  • Establish the conditions in which effective performance management is more likely in terms of culture and relationships
  • Support, develop and reward good performance
  • Address poor performance and inappropriate behaviour
  • Ensure due process is observed and proper documentation maintained.



A series of short modules (available in text, video and podcast formats, for ease of access) - typically around 10 minutes each as follows:

  1. Welcome
  2. Module 1: What is performance management?
  3. Module 2: Setting the culture
  4. Module 3: Setting the relationship
  5. Module 4: Noticing, honouring and rewarding the positive
  6. Module 5: Noticing and being curious about the unproductive or the negative - early intervention
  7. Module 6: Having difficult conversations
  8. Module 7: The importance of fair process.

A reflective log is to be completed after each module to capture thoughts, learning, questions and action ideas. The log and the written versions of the modules form the handout pack for the programme, providing a comprehensive set of notes and references.

Participants will also have acess to an online discussion forum, live from the moment of being signed up for the programme to the time of the last online workshop, and seeded with a few discussion-starting questions, for participants to chat amongst themselves about the material and their (relevant) experiences, and ask questions of the course leader, Andrew Scott will deliver this two-part workshop. Participants will also have access to an email helpline where they can email the course leader at any time with any specific queries, from the moment they sign up to the end of the final workshop.


Workshop 1: A 2.5 hour online workshop consisting of discussion, practicing of key skills in breakout rooms and committing to action plans to apply the learning.

Workshop 2: A 1 hour online workshop to review of learning from actions, address outstanding questions, and recommit to action.


The workshops will be delivered via Zoom and an invite will be sent out prior to the sessions.

Which of the Job Family Core Skills are supported by this session?

Which of the Realising Your Potential Approach Behaviours are supported by this session?