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Durham University

Organisation Development

Dealing with Conflict

Aim of the session

The aim of the session is to equip attendess with the understanding and tools to better manage difficult interactions and feel more confident in challenging conversations in a supportive, confident manner.

Objectives to be achieved

As a result of the workship, participaints will leave with

  1. An understanding of the reasons why dealing with conflict is challenging for the manager
  2. Knowledge of the causes of conflict and what causes it to become challenging and difficult
  3. An understanding of the critical role communication plays - good and bad
  4. Tools to build ones own confidence in holding difficult conversations
  5. Tactics for de-escalating conflict between others
  6. Tips, tools and techniques for effecitvely dealing with conflict, resolving issues
  7. Tactics for challenging inappropriate behaviours when safe to do so in a less confrontational manner
  8. A personal action plan for developing skills in dealing with conflict.


The external trainer, Dave Alego will deliver the workshop via Zoom and an invite will be sent out prior to the session.

Who is the Course suitable for?

Managers wishing to develop their confidence in managing difficult situations and behaviour, challenging another constructively, having performance realted conversations in an assertive and supportive manner.


2.5 hours (with break).

Which of the Job Family Core Skills are supported by this course?

Which of the Realising Your Potential Approach Behaviours are supported by this session?