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Durham University

Organisation Development

Durham University Leadership Attributes 360° Feedback Tool

360° Feedback

360° Feedback asks a range of people for feedback on an individual e.g. managers, peers, direct reports and other ‘stakeholders’ who have an interest in the work of the person they are being asked to provide feedback on. The feedback is anonymous.

The Durham University Leadership Attributes 360° Feedback Tool

A bespoke questionnaire has been designed to give specific and structured feedback in a report form on current performance against the Durham University (DU) Leadership Attributes. The DU Leadership Attributes were created by a cross-institution working group referencing the University values, strategy, DPPC criteria, Job Family Core Skills, Realising Your Potential Approach behavioural characteristics, along with core job descriptions from roles within Grades 7-10 from Professional Services, Colleges, Academic, Research and Teaching roles.

The report gives an opportunity to analyse performance against these leadership behaviours, by comparing self-perception with the views of others. By making this comparison key areas for development can be identified.

A report is available for the Leadership Attributes at grade 7-8 and one for the Leadership Attributes at grade 9-10.

The 360° Feedback process

The OD Team will facilitate the DU Leadership Attributes 360° Feedback process.

The process includes; setting up the online feedback report, monitoring the progress of the feedback, sending reminders and producing an indivdual report. The OD team will arrange for a certified facilitator to conduct a 90 minute feedback session and will encourage the creation of a development plan. The facilitator will arrange to meet again approx. one month after the initial feedback session to discuss the development plan.

Duration of the process

The whole process should take approximately twelve weeks from initial discussion to looking at the results. It can take less time if everything is straightforward or more time if there are delays in getting responses from participants.


There will be a cost for each 360° review process which includes a personal report, a facilitated discussion to support the interpretation of the report and a further discussion to create a development plan.

To find out more about a 360 please contact