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Durham University

Organisation Development

Stress Management

Dave Alego, the Stress(ed) Guru will deliver a workshop aimed to equip all staff with an understanding of stress and negative strain and how it can impact upon our wellbeing and abilities to cope. The session is suitable for all staff who are looking to add to their stress management toolkit and develop more positive coping strategies for dealing with negative demands.

As a result of the events, participants will leave with:

  • Understand the relationship between demands of life and work and our sense of control
  • over them
  • Recognise how our own self-imposed pressures and self-talk can affect how we cope with
  • day to day stressors and challenges
  • Recognise when they are not coping so well and identify the warning and danger signs of
  • not coping
  • Apply some practical tools to manage overwhelm in the moment.
  • Appreciate the importance of seeking support and asking for help when struggling
  • Tools and tactics to deal with excessive demands - both the internal and the external
  • Identify six key areas of self-care
  • Devise a stress busting action plan to implement in life and work.


The session will be delivered via Zoom and an invite will be sent out prior to the session.


2.5 hours.

Which of the Job Family Core Skills are supported by this session?

Which of the Realising Your Potential Approach Behaviours are supported by this session?