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Durham University

Organisation Development

Skill Boosters courses

HR-OD partner with Skill Boosters, a leading provider of high quality video-based online training courses. 10 of these packages are now available on the newly launched Oracle Learning system. We will continue to update this page with further Skill Booster packages that move over to Oracle Learning.

  • Building Resilience: micro-course
  • Bullying and Harassment - Effective Interventions: micro-course
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence: micro-course
  • Inclusive Leadership: course
  • Mental health - Stress Less: micro-course
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Tackling race bias at work - a managers guide
  • The Effective Bystander: micro-course
  • Trans and non-binary awareness
  • Understanding race biar

The remaining course can still be accessed in DUO from the 'Job Families Core Skills (January 2020)' section under 'My Organisations & Online Training' .

The courses are organised under different Job Family Core Skills as can be seen below:


  • Building Trust: course (duration 25 minutes)
  • Avoiding Workplace Conflict: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Making Teams Work: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Cultural Awareness: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)


  • Influencing people: course (duration 25 minutes)
  • Assert yourself: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Handling difficult conversations: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Six Steps to Productive meetings: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Banter in the Workplace: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Inclusive language and communication: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)

Continuous Improvement

  • Mental health - Managing Stress: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)

Customer Service

  • Relating to your Customers: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Disabled Adventures in Cusomter Service: course (duration 30 minutes)

Leadership and Management

  • Managing remote workers: course (duration 30 minutes)
  • Performance Appraisals: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Dealing with sensitive issues in the workplace: course (duration 30 minutes)
  • Tackling Problem Behaviour: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Introduction to Coaching: micro-course (duration 20 minutes)
  • Maximising potential through developing strengths: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)

Occupational Competence

  • Working with the GDPR: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • Working with the Bribery Act: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)
  • The Modern Slavery Act: micro-course (duration 15 minutes)