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How do I Apply

Apprenticeships require commitments from both the individual doing the apprenticeship and their manager.


The following are requirements of an apprenticeship:

  • duration for at least a year

  • the role must support the apprenticeship training – so that you can get the on-the-job experience needed to support your learning

  • the individual and manager must commit to 20% of the working hours of the 'apprentice' to be spent on off-the-job training and development over the planned duration of the apprenticeship. This training must be directly relevant to the apprenticeship framework or standard, i.e. teaching new knowledge, skills and behaviours. This will not all be time out of the office but must be time allowed to complete assignments and other training activities.

Application process

  1. Visit the Government Apprenticeships website to see all available Apprenticeship programmes and training providers.

  2. Discuss with your manager - the course you want to do, the time commitment, how it will increase your skills and benefit the team. An ideal opportunity to do this would be as part of your Annual Development Review (ADR).

  3. Complete an Apprenticeship application form - your manager needs to support your application and then submit for approval to the Apprenticeship Levy panel.

  4. Confirmation of approval - contact the training provider to discuss details of the programme and arrange an initial meeting (this will be virtual).

  5. Completion of initial consultation / assessments - the training provider will contact you to confirm details, start dates and to complete their enrolment process and all relevant Apprenticeship paperwork.

  6. Attendance at training sessions - complete all relevant training, work-based assessments, portfolio etc.

  7. Complete the end point assessment - all Apprenticeships require the completion of an end point assessment, the training provider will provide the details.

  8. Successful completion - a professional qualification will be awarded.