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Durham University News



Research Awards April 2005

(4 May 2005)


Dr P Sant-Cassia , Dr Tatiana Bulgakova - RAI Fellowship

Royal Anthropological Institute £7,470


Professor I K Bailiff : Workshop on the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site - Overseas Conference Grant, Japan

The Royal Society £1,360

Dr J C Chapman : The Forest of Stones - standing stones and cultural identity in Bulgaria

The British Academy £7,450

Dr A R Millard : Riccall skeletons isotope analysis

York Archaeological Trust £2,250

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Professor A R Walmsley : The structure and function of Pseudomonal type III secretion systems - International Incoming Fellowship - Dr Baishi Hu/China

The Royal Society £12,830

Dr S G Willis : Investigating the origins of migrant bird species wintering in the UK using trace element and stable isotope techniques - Awards to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics 2005

The Nuffield Foundation £5,000


Dr J S O Evans : Structure and dynamics of framework inorganic materials(Co-investigator): Dr P Hodgkinson, Chemistry

EPSRC £293,681

Professor K Prassides : Functional materials based on Fullerenes Studentship - Takeshi Nakagawa(Transferred from the University of Sussex)

CCLRC £11,383.16

Professor K Prassides : Nanocarbon materials science (Transferred from the University of Sussex)

Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation £5,000

Professor K Prassides : Frustration, orbital degeneracy, new insulating states and correlation enhancement in superconducting fullerides (Transferred from the University of Sussex)

EPSRC £170,380.56

Computer Science

Dr R H Bordini : Verifiable Agent-Oriented Programming Languages with Applications in E-Science and the Semantic Web - Awards to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics 2005

The Nuffield Foundation £5,000

Earth Sciences

Professor J P Davidson : Unravelling the origins of igneous rocks - 2005 Research Fellowship

The Leverhulme Trust £21,767

Dr S Parman : Experimental Geochemistry - Awards to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics 2005

The Nuffield Foundation £5,000

Dr D G Pearson : HSE Degassing System

European Commission £111,117


Dr D Gallipoli : Identification of model parameters for unsaturated elasto-plastic models from pressuremeter tests

EPSRC £115,513

Professor P Tavner : Supergen V, Wind Energy Technologies, Consortium Building Project

EPSRC £2,026

Dr P C Taylor : Intelligent active energy management for small scale energy zones

EPSRC £120,561


Dr D R Bridgland : Late quaternary landscape history of the Swale-Ure washlands

English Heritage £90,340

Dr H Bulkeley : Governing climate change: hybrid networks and new state spaces

Royal Geographical Society £3,000


Professor A H Maehle : Physicians of the body and physicians of the soul: medicine and religion in medieval Portugal - Fellowship - Dr I M McCleery

The Wellcome Trust £143,760


Dr G H Cross : Slot waveguide nonlinear optics: spectroscopy of third order nonlinearity in organic materials (Co-investigator: Dr M R C Hunt, Physics)

EPSRC £170,787

Professor C S Frenk : Cosmic Cookery: Growing Galaxies in a Computer Build your own Galaxy!

Royal Astronomical Society £1,500

Dr A Jenkins : The distribution of Lyman-alpha Emitters in the Universe - Undergraduate Research Bursary - Stephen Wilkins

Royal Astronomical Society £1,500


Professor A D Milner : The human dorsal and ventral visual streams: Behavioural and fMRI studies of the consequences of selective brain lesions (Co-applicants: Professor C A Heywood, Psychology; Dr R W Kentridge, Psychology; Dr T Schenk, Psychology)

Medical Research Council £245,747

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