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Team Durham join forces with GFIS on World Mental Health Day

(10 October 2020)

Graeme Foreman has worked with Durham University for over 6 years, providing expert support and care to our Team Durham athletes. Graeme works in the world of Performance Coaching, Mentoring, Lifestyle and Psychology and has over 25 years’ experience in the field. He has extensive expertise in people development, talent identification and performance enhancement.

With today being World Mental Health Day, Team Durham and GFIS have teamed up to look at how Emotional Intelligence can help. We asked Graeme to provide us with some insights to Emotional Intelligence and give our athletes a few tips for helping to improve their lifestyle and performance.


Here's what Graeme had to say;


“There are many facets to Emotional Intelligence so I thought I would look at a few aspects that can improve your lifestyle and certainly your performance.


Emotional Regularity and Emotional Control are important aspects of your mental health. Lots of people ride the rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows without ever being aware or taking control. A really useful tool is to try and be more aware of your emotional state and your rollercoaster.


Ask simple questions at the start of the day and throughout:


How am I feeling?

Why am I feeling like this?

What makes me feel happy?



This will allow you to be aware of your current state more often and will help you start to bring your emotions back in line. If you find that your emotional lows or highs are associated with an event or person then reframing your process may help:


How would I like to feel around that person?

How do I want to feel when I am playing sport?


Everyone has heard of the saying “I think you got out of the wrong side of bed”, well the reality is that most people always get out of the same side so that doesn’t make sense. I am a big fan of planning how I want to feel when I get out of bed, setting the energy and emotions for the day:


What am I looking forward to today?

Who or what do I need to be on my “A-game” for today?

Where will I find my success or happines today?


Morning Routines are a great way to start the day!”





Graeme has put his time in shielding to good use and has produced some great content for our athletes to benefit from. His ‘chit chat’ series has been hugely popular, with a great line up of guests, including a handful of Team Durham coaches and athletes. 


For more information why not check out the 2 new GF International Solutions YouTube interviews on Emotional Intelligence with Stephen Moreton (insert hyper link) and Durham Graduate and first team Hockey player Helena Youmans (insert hyperlink).



GFIS will also be launching a new online 4 part programme at the end of October - FREE to Durham Students that may help you analyse your current position in more depth with strategies to improve your performance in life and sport.

To register interest go to:


For any further information please contact Graeme or visit his website.


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