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Professor Robert Song, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon)

Telephone: 0191 33 43959
Room number: 101 (Abbey House)

(email at

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Ethics: Christianity and politics
  • Ethics: biotechnology/genetic engineering
  • Medical and health research topics: ethics in biotechnology/genetic engineering
  • Political thought & theory: Christianity and politics
  • Political thought & theory: ethics in biotechnology/genetic engineering

Current postgraduates

I am currently supervising postgraduates researching in the following areas:

  • the virtue of generosity
  • theology and dementia
  • a theological ethnography of the Durham miners
  • the church under Blair
  • the ethics of surrogate motherhood
  • evidence-based hospital chaplaincy
  • genetic manipulation and sports enhancements
  • theology and appetite/desire
  • pastoral responses to eating disorders
  • homosexuality, apologetics and ecclesiology

Past postgraduates

Postgraduate research I have supervised includes the following:

  • Jennifer Moberly, 'The Virtue of Bonhoeffer's Ethics: A Study of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethics in Relation to Virtue Ethics' (PhD)
  • Sarah Charlton, 'The Creation of Families: Christianity and Contemporary Adoption' (PhD)
  • Peter Manning, 'Cohabitation in Britain: A Theological and Pastoral Response' (PhD)
  • Ashley Wilson, 'Hermeneutics and Moral Imagination: The Implications of Gadamer's Truth and Method for Christian Ethics' (PhD)
  • Paul Markham, 'Conversion Converted: A New Model of Christian Conversion in Light of Wesleyan Theology and Nonreductive Physicalism' (PhD)
  • Mary Rowell, ‘Towards a New Paradigm for Bioethics: Ecological and Theological Contributions’ (PhD)
  • Dennis Cheek, 'Theology and Technology: A Framework for Analysis and Decision Making with Special Reference to Intelligent Transportation Systems' (PhD)
  • Edmund Wee, ‘A Christian Theological Response to Human Gene Patenting’ (MA)
  • Helen Savage, ‘Changing Sex? Transsexuality and Christian Theology’ (PhD)
  • Maria Lastochkina, ‘Christian Views of Euthanasia: A Comparison of Russian and Western Perspectives’ (MA)
  • Nigel Oakley, ‘Educating Christians for Political Involvement: An Examination of Augustinian, Liberation and Confessing Church Approaches’ (PhD)
  • Audrey Elkington, 'A Theological Consideration of Issues Raised by Human Genetic Manipulation with Particular Reference to Gene Therapy' (MA)

Research Interests

  • Bio-ethics, esp. ethics & human genetics
  • Christian ethics
  • Church and society


Books: authored

  • Robert Song (2002). Human Genetics Fabricating the Future. Cleveland, Ohio: Pilgrim Press.
  • Robert Song (1997). Christianity and Liberal Society. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Books: edited

  • Waters, Brent & Song, Robert (2013). The Authority of the Gospel: Explorations in Moral and Political Theology in Honour of Oliver O'Donovan. Grand Rapids, Mi.: Eerdmans.
  • Craig Bartholomew., Jonathan Chaplin., Robert Song. & Al Wolters (eds.). (2002). A Royal Priesthood? The Use of the Bible Ethically and Politically: A Dialogue with Oliver O'Donovan. Scripture and Hermeneutics Series, vol. 3. Carlisle: Paternoster Press.

Edited works: contributions

  • Robert Song (1998). 'Democratie'. In Dictionnaire Critique de Theologie. Jean-Yves Lacoste (ed.) Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 308-9.
  • Robert Song (1997). ‘Moral Theology’ (revision). In The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. E. A. Livingstone (ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1110-12.

Essays in edited volumes

  • Song, Robert (2013). Transgenic Animals and Ethics: Recognizing an Appropriate Dignity. In Animals as Religious Subjects: Transdisciplinary Perspectives. Deane-Drummond, Celia, Clough, David & Artinian-Kaiser, Rebecca London: Bloomsbury T & T Clark. 243-258.
  • Robert Song (2010). Bonhoeffer and the Biotechnological Imagination. In Bonhoeffer and the Biosciences: An Initial Exploration. Ralf K. Wüstenberg, Stefan Heuser & Esther Hornung Frankfurt: Peter Lang. 75-87.
  • Robert Song (2009). Humanity, Divinity and Interspecies Embryos. In The Legal, Medical and Cultural Regulation of the Body: Transformation and Transgression. Smith, Stephen W. & Deazley, Ronan Farnham: Ashgate. 127-141.
  • Mark Bratton (2009). The Bible and Human Genetics. In God, Ethics and the Human Genome. London: Church House Publishing. 33-45.
  • Robert Song (2007). Conclusion: Fragility and Grace, Theology and Disability’. In Theology, Disability and the New Genetics: Why Science Needs the Church. John Swinton & Brian Brock London: T & T Clark. 234-44.
  • Robert Song (2004). 'Sharing Communion: Hunger, Food, GM Foods and Population Growth'. In The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics. Stanley Hauerwas & Samuel Wells (eds.) Oxford: Blackwell. 388-400.
  • Robert Song (2003). 'The Human Genome Project as Soteriological Project'. In Brave New World? Theology, Ethics and the Human Genome. Celia Deane-Drummond London: T. & T. Clark. 164-184.
  • Robert Song (2003). To Be Willing to Kill What for All One Knows Is A Person Is to Be Willing to Kill a Person. In God and the Embryo Religious Voices on Stem Cells and Cloning. Brent Waters & Ronald Cole-Turner Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. 98-107.
  • Song, Robert. (2002). 'Whose Sanctity of Life? Ricoeur, Dworkin and the Human Embryo'. In Holiness Past and Present. Barton, Stephen. London: T. & T. Clark. 460-476.
  • Robert Song (1999). 'Wisdom as the End of Morality'. In Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?. Stephen C. Barton (ed.) Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark. 295-306.
  • Robert Song (1994). 'Political Life'. In Veritatis Splendor: An Anglican Response. Charles Yeats (ed.) Norwich: The Canterbury Press. 57-68.

Journal papers: academic

  • Song, Robert (2013). Body Integrity Identity Disorder and the Ethics of Mutilation. Studies in Christian Ethics 26(4): 487-503.
  • Pugh, E. J., Song, R., Whittaker, V. & Blenkinsopp, J. (2009). A Profile of the Belief System and Attitudes to End-of-Life Decisions of Senior Clinicians Working in a National Health Service Hospital in the United Kingdom. Palliative Medicine 23(2): 158-164.
  • Robert Song (2007). 'Genetic Manipulation and the Body of Christ'. Studies in Christian Ethics 20(3): 399-420.
  • Robert Song (2006). Knowing There Is No God, Still We Should Not Play God? Habermas on the Future of Human Nature. Ecotheology 11(2): 191-211.
  • Robert Song (2005). Christian Bioethics and the Church's Political Worship. Christian Bioethics 11: 333-348.

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