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Prof Ken McCaffrey - all publications

Books: sections

  • McCaffrey, K.J.W., Hodgetts, D., Howell, J., Hunt, D., Imber, J., Jones, R.R., Tomasso, M., Thurmond, J. & Viseur, S. (Published). Virtual fieldtrips for petroleum geoscientists. In Petroleum Geology: From Mature Basins to New Frontiers—Proceedings of the 7th Petroleum Geology Conference. Vining, B. & Pickering, S.C. Geological Society, London. 19-26.

Edited works: contributions

  • McCaffrey, K.J.W, Grocott, J, Garde, A.A. & Hamilton, M.A. (2004). Attachment formation during partitioning of oblique convergence in the Ketilidian orogen, South Greenland. In Vertical Coupling and Decoupling in the Lithosphere. Grocott, J., McCaffrey, K.J.W., Taylor, G. & Tikoff, B. London: Geological Society. Geological Society Special Publication 227: 231-248.
  • Grocott, J, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Taylor, G.K & Tikoff, B (2004). Vertical coupling and decoupling in the lithosphere. In ‘Vertical coupling and decoupling in the lithosphere’. Grocott, J. McCaffrey, K.J.W., Taylor, G.K. & Tikoff, B Geological Society of London Special Publication. 227: 1-7.
  • McCaffrey, K.J.W, Sleight, J.M, Pugliese, S & Holdsworth, R.E (2003). Fracture formation and evolution in crystalline rocks: Insights from attribute analysis. In Hydrocarbons in Crystalline rocks. Petford, N. & McCaffrey, K. (eds) Geological Society of London, Special Publication. 214: 109-124.
  • Beacom, L.E, Holdsworth, R.E, McCaffrey, K.J.W & Anderson, T.B (2001). A quantitative study of the influence of pre-existing heterogeneities upon fracture-zone development during basement reactivation. In The Nature and Tectonic Significance of Fault Zone Weakening. In: & Holdsworth, R.E., Strachan, R.A., Magloughlin, J.F. & Knipe, R.J. (eds) London: Spec. Publ. Geol. Soc. 186: 195-211.
  • Lonergan, L, Wilkinson, J.J & McCaffrey, K.J.W (1999). Fractures, fluid flow and Mineralisation: an Introduction. In Fractures, Fluids Flow and Mineralisation. McCaffrey, K.J.W, Lonergan, L. & Wilkinson, J.J. eds Geological Society Special Publication. 155: 35-56.
  • Gillespie, P.A., Loriga, L., Johnston, J.D., McCaffrey, K.J.W., Walsh, J. & Watterson, J.J. (1999). Influence of layering on vein systematics in line samples. In Fractures, Fluids Flow and Mineralisation. McCaffrey, K.J.W. Lonergan, L. & Wilkinson, J.J. (eds) Geological Society Special Publication. 155: 35-56.

Essays in edited volumes

  • Jones, R.R, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Wilson, R.W & Holdsworth, R.E (2005). Digital field data acquisition: towards increased quantification of uncertainty during geological mapping. In Geological Prior Information: Informing Science and Engineering. Curtis, A. & Wood, R. London: Geological Society. Geological Society Special Publication 239: 43-56.

Journal papers: academic

  • Pacey, A, Macpherson, CG & McCaffrey, KJW (2013). Linear volcanic segments in the central Sunda Arc, Indonesia, identified using Hough Transform analysis: Implications for arc lithosphere control upon volcano distribution. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 369-370: 24-33.
  • Wilkinson, M.W., McCaffrey, K.J.W. , Roberts, G.P. Cowie, P.A. Phillips, R.J., Degasperi, M. Vittori, E. & Michetti, A.M. (2012). Distribution and Magnitude of Post-seismic Deformation of the 2009 L’Aquila 1 Earthquake (M6.3) Surface Rupture Measured Using Repeat Terrestrial Laser Scanning. Geophysical Journal International 189(2): 911-922.
  • Peulvast,J-P, Bonow J.M., Japsen P, Wilson R.W. & McCaffrey, K.J.W. (2012). Morphostructural patterns and landform generations in a glaciated passive margin: the Kobberminebugt-Qaqortoq region of South Greenland. Geodinamica Acta 24(1): 1.
  • Faure Walker J.P., G.P. Roberts, P.A. Cowie, I. Papanikolaou, A.M. Michetti, P. Sammonds,, M. Wilkinson, K.J.W. McCaffrey, & R.J. Phillips (2012). Relationship between topography, rates of extension and mantle dynamics in the actively-extending Italian Apennines. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 325-326: 76-84.
  • Abdunaser, K.M. & McCaffrey, K.J.W (2012). Rift architecture and evolution: the Sirt Basin, Libya. Marine and Petroleum Geology
  • Hansen, J., Jerram, D.A., McCaffrey, K. & Passey, S. (2011). Early Cenozoic saucer-shaped sills of the Faroe Islands: an example of intrusive styles in basaltic lava piles. Journal of the Geological Society 168(1): 159-178.
  • Wilkinson, M., McCaffrey, K.J.W., Roberts, G.P., Cowie, P.A., Phillips, R.J., Michetti, A., Vittori, E., Guerrieri, L., Blumetti, A.M., Bubeck, A., Yates, A. & Sileo, G. (2010). Partitioned postseismic deformation associated with the 2009 Mw 6.3 L'Aquila earthquake surface rupture measured using a terrestrial laser scanner. Geophysical Research Letters 37: L10309.
  • Jones, R.R, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Clegg, P, Wilson, R.W, Holliman, N.S, Holdsworth, R.E, Imber, J & Waggott, S (2009). Integration of regional to outcrop digital data: 3D visualisation of multi-scale geological models. Computers & Geosciences 35(1): 4-18
  • Jones, R.R., Kokkalas S & McCaffrey KJW (2009). Quantitative analysis and visualization of nonplanar fault surfaces using terrestrial laser scanning (LIDAR)-The Arkitsa fault, central Greece, as a case study. Geosphere 5: 465-482.
  • Guo J.L, McCaffrey K, Jones R & Holdsworth, R (2009). The spatial heterogeneity of structures in high porosity sandstones: Variations and granularity effects in orientation data. Journal of Structural Geology 31(7): 628-636.
  • Wilson, R.W, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Holdsworth, R.E, Imber, J, Jones, R.R, Welbon, A.I & Roberts, D (2006). Complex fault patterns, transtension and structural segmentation of the Lofoten Ridge, Norwegian Margin: using digital mapping to link onshore and offshore geology. Tectonics 25(4): TC4018.
  • M.A. Pearce, R.R. Jones, S.A.F. Smith, K.J.W. McCaffrey & P. Clegg (2006). Numerical analysis of fold curvature using data acquired by high-precision GPS. Journal of Structural Geology 28(9): 1640-1646
  • Imber, J, Holdsworth R.E, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Wilson, R.W, Jones, R.R, England, R.W & Gjeldvik, G (2005). Early Tertiary sinistral transpression and fault reactivation in the western Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea: implications for hydrocarbon exploration and pre-break up deformation in ocean margin basins. AAPG Bulletin 89(8): 1043-1069.
  • Wilson, R.W, Klint, K.E.S, Jensen, F.S, van Gool, J.A.M, McCaffrey. K.J.W & Chalmers, J.A (2005). Faults and fractures in central West Greenland: onshore expression of continental break-up and sea-floor spreading in the Labrador-Baffin Bay Sea. Geological Survey of Greenland Bulletin
  • Wilson, R.W, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Jones, R.R, Imber, J, Clegg, P & Holdsworth, R.E (2005). Lofoten has its faults! Detailed fault analysis and 3D digital mapping in the Norway's Lofoten Islands. Geoscientist 15(2): 4-9.
  • Trinks, I, Clegg, P, McCaffrey, K, Jones, R, Hobbs, R, Holdsworth, R, Holliman, N, Imber, J, Waggott, S & Wilson, R (2005). Mapping and analyzing virtual outcrops. Visual Geosciences
  • De Paola, N, Holdsworth, R.E, McCaffrey,K.J.W & Barchi, M.R. (2005). Partitioned transtension: an alternative to basin inversion models. Journal of Structural Geology 27(4): 607-625.
  • McCaffrey, K.J.W, Holdsworth, R.E, Imber, J, Clegg, P, De Paola N, Jones, R.R, Hobbs, R, Holliman, N & Trinks, I. (2005). Putting the geology back into Earth Models. Eos 86(46): 461-466.
  • Imber, J, Holdsworth, R.E, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Wilson, R.W, Jones, R.R, England, R.W & Freeman, S (2005). Recognition of strike-slip faulting from three-dimensional seismic reflection data: a study of late Cretaceous to early Teriary faulting on the Nyk High, Vøring Basin, offshore mid-Norway. AAPG Bulletin 89: 1043-1069.
  • Jones, R.R, Holdsworth, R.E, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Clegg, P & Tavarnelli, E. (2005). Scale dependence, strain compatibility and heterogeneity of three-dimensional deformation during mountain building: a discussion. Journal of Structural Geology 27(7): 1190-1204.
  • De Paola, N, Holdworth, R.E & McCaffrey, K.J.W (2005). Strain partitioning, reactivation and lithological control during complex transtensional faulting: an example from the 90-Fathom Fault, NE England. J. Geol Soc. London 161: 471-480.
  • De Paola, N, Holdsworth, R.E & McCaffrey, K.J.W (2005). The influence of lithology and pre-existing structures on reservoir-scale faulting patterns in transtensional rift zones. J. Geol Soc. London 162: 471-480.
  • Clegg, P, Trinks, I, McCaffrey, K.J.W, Holdsworth, R.E, Jones, R.R, Hobbs, R & Waggott, S (2005). Towards the Virtual Outcrop. Geoscientist 15(1): 8-9.
  • McCaffrey, K.J.W, Jones, R.R, Holdsworth, R.E, Wilson, R.W, Clegg, P, Imber, J, Holliman, N & Trinks, I (2005). Unlocking the spatial dimension: digital technologies and the future of geoscience fieldwork. Journal of the Geological Society 162(6): 927-938.
  • Entwistle, J.A, McCaffrey, K.J.W & Dodgshon, R.A (2005). Using geostatistics to interpret land-use history in the Hebrides, Scotland, through the multi-elemental analysis of soils. Archaeological Prospection
  • Watts, L.M, Sherlock, S, Holdsworth, R.E, Sleight, J & Roberts, D (2004). Dating fault reactivation by Ar/Ar laserprobe: an alternative view of apparently cogenetic mylonite-pseudotachylyte assemblages. J. Geol Soc. London 161: 335-338.
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  • Garde, A.A, Chadwick, B, Grocott, J, Hamilton, M.A, McCaffrey, K.J.W & Swager, C.P (2002). Mid-crustal partitioning and attachment during oblique convergence in an arc system, the Palaeoproterozoic Ketilidian orogen, southern Greenland. J. Geological Society of London 159: 247-261.
  • Garde, A.A, Hamilton, M.A, Chadwick, B, Grocott, J & McCaffrey, K.J.W (2002). The Ketilidian Orogen of South Greenland: Geochronology and tectonics, magmatism and forearc accretion during Palaeoproterozoic oblique convergence. Canadian Journal of Earth Science 39: 765-793.
  • Cruden, A.R & McCaffrey, K.J.W (2001). Growth of plutons by floor subsidence: implications for rates of emplacement, intrusion spacing and melt-extraction mechanisms. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Part A: Solid Earth & Geodesy 26(4-5): 303-315.
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  • Anderson, T.B & McCaffrey, K.J.W (1986). Discussion of: The Structure of the Dalradian rocks of West Fanad, County Donegal. Irish J. of Earth Sciences 8: 95-96.

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