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Professor Mike Bentley, Geology BSc. (Hons) 1st Class, (Edinburgh); PhD (Edinburgh)

Professor in the Department of Geography
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41859
Fax: +44 (0)191 33 41801
Room number: 216

Contact Professor Mike Bentley (email at

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Available for media contact about:

  • General issues: Antarctica
  • Environmental change: Antarctica
  • Geological hazards: South America and Patagonia
  • The Earth: Rocks & natural forces: South America and Patagonia
  • Wildlife: South America and Patagonia
  • Geography: South America and Patagonia
  • Environmental change: South America and Patagonia
  • Landscape systems: South America and Patagonia
  • Science & Technology: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Geological hazards: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • The Earth: Rocks & natural forces: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Weather & climate: South America and Patagonia
  • Geophysics: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Oceanography: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Geography: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Environmental change: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Landscape systems: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Science & Technology: Antarctica
  • Geological hazards: Antarctica
  • The Earth: Rocks & natural forces: Antarctica
  • Tourism research: Antarctica
  • Earth Sciences: Glaciers and ice sheets
  • Earth Sciences: Antarctica
  • Environment: Antarctica
  • Human impact: Antarctica
  • Wildlife: Antarctica
  • Geography: Antarctica
  • Weather & climate: Antarctica
  • Geophysics: Antarctic subglacial lakes

Director of the new Durham University Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC).

*** Masters or PhD project on Antarctica. Collaborative with British Antarctic Survey and Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany. ***


My research interests focus on Antarctic environmental history, especially the history of the ice sheet in the Antarctic Peninsula-Weddell Sea region. I have a number of current research themes at the moment:

i) Antarctic Ice Sheet History

This work combines glacial geomorphology and cosmogenic isotope surface exposure dating to try and infer past thickness (and extent) variations of ice sheets. I have also produced the first detailed relative sea level curves for the Antarctic Peninsula, which provide independent constraints on former ice sheet thickness. Areas of ongoing study include the Amundsen Sea area (Pine Island Glacier), southern Antarctic Peninsula and Alexander Island, Ellsworth Mountains, Pensacola Mountains, and South Georgia.

In most of these projects I collaborate closely with modellers, especially Richard Hindmarsh, Anne Le Brocq and Alun Hubbard (ice sheet models) and Pippa Whitehouse and Glenn Milne (Glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) modelling). This is a two-way process that allows the field data to be used as constraints for models and for models to direct site selection in future field campaigns. For example in the Ellsworth Mountains we developed an ice sheet model reconstruction of ice at the Last Glacial Maximum, using geomorphological evidence of former ice heights. The GIA modelling allows us to use new relative sea level data and geomorphololgical evidence of ice sheet change to constrain models of ice sheet history. In turn, these models can be used to correct satellite gravimetry measurements of present-day ice sheet mass balance.

ii) Antarctic Sub Glacial Lake Exploration

I am part of the Lake Ellsworth Consortium. This is a NERC-funded consortium that will drill into subglacial Lake Ellsworth in 2012-13. We will retrieve water and sediment samples with the aim to study life in extreme environments and deciphering long-term climate change and ice sheet behaviour. I am leading the phase of the project that will analyse sediement cores from the lake bed.

iii) Antarctic Ice Shelf History

With colleagues from British Antarctic Survey and Edinburgh University I completed a project on Antarctic Peninsula ice shelf history. We worked on a series of epishelf lakes along the margin of the George VI Ice Shelf, where a multi-proxy palaeolimnological approach provided a long-term perspective on ice shelf behaviour. This work was published in Geology in 2005.

iv) Glacial & Climate History of Southernmost South America

I have worked for several years as part of a team which is determining the glacial and environmental history of southernmost South America using a variety of approaches including glacial geomorphology, palaeoecology, and linked ice sheet-climate modelling. Our work in the Magellan Strait region was published in a Special Volume of Geografiska Annaler in 2005, and I am continuing collaborative research in the region.

Research Interests

  • Antarctic environmental history
  • Antarctic ice sheet history
  • Antarctic ice shelf history
  • Cosmogenic dating
  • Falkland Islands palaeoenvironmental history
  • Glacial geomorphology
  • Global sea levels
  • Icelandic and Scottish deglaciation
  • Landslides
  • Raised shorelines and relative sea level change
  • South American glaciation
  • Subglacial lakes

Selected Publications

Books: sections

  • Ross, N. and the Lake Ellsworth Consortium (incl. & Bentley, M.J.) (2011). Subglacial Lake Ellsworth, West Antarctica: its history, recent field campaigns and plans for its exploration. In Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments. Siegert, M.J., Kennicutt, M.C. & Bindschadler, R.A. American Geophysical Union. 192: 221.
  • Bentley, M.J., Christofferson, P., Hodgson, D.A., Smith, A.M., Tulaczyk, S. & Le Brocq, A.M. (2011). Subglacial lake sediments and sedimentary processes: potential archives of ice sheet evolution, past environmental change and the presence of life. In Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments. Siegert, M.J., Kennicutt, M.C. & Bindschadler, R.A. American Geophysical Union. 192: 83.
  • Hodgson, D.A., and 32 others & (incl. Bentley, M.J.) (2009). Antarctic climate and environmental history in the pre-instrumental period. In Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment. Turner, J. Bindschadler, R.A., Convey, P., Di Prisco, G., Fahrbach, E., Gutt, J., Hodgson, D.A., Mayewski, P.A. & Summerhayes, C.P. Cambridge: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.
  • Bentley, M.J. (2009). Will the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse? In Thinking about almost everything: new ideas to light up the mind. Amin, A. & O’Neill, M. London: Profile Books. 92-93.
  • Ó Cofaigh, C. & Bentley, M.J. (2007). Late Quaternary Relative Sea Level Changes in High-Latitudes. In Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science. Elias S. Elsevier. 3052-3064.
  • Hjort, C., Ingolfsson, O., Bentley, M.J. & Bjorck, S. (2003). Late Pleistocene and Holocene Glacial and Climate History of the Antarctic Peninsula Region: A brief overview of the land and lake record. In Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Antarctic Research Series 79. Domack, E. American Geophysical Union. 95-101.
  • Bentley, M.J. & Dugmore, A.J. (1998). Landslides and the rate of glacial trough formation. In Mountain Glaciation: Journal of Quaternary Science - Quaternary Proceedings. Owen, L.A. 6: 11-16.

Journal papers: academic

  • Hodgson, D.A. & Bentley, M.J. (2013). Lake highstands in the Pensacola Mountains and Shackleton Range 4300–2250 cal. yr BP: Evidence of a warm climate anomaly in the interior of Antarctica. The Holocene 23(3): 388-397.
  • Whitehouse, P.L., Bentley, M.J. & Le Brocq, A.M. (2012). A deglacial model for Antarctica: geological constraints and glaciological modelling as a basis for a new model of Antarctic glacial isostatic adjustment. Quaternary Science Reviews 32(16): 1-24.
  • Whitehouse, P.L., Bentley, M.J., Milne, G.A., King, M.A. & Thomas, I.D. (2012). A new glacial isostatic adjustment model for Antarctica: calibrated and tested using observations of relative sea-level change and present-day uplift rates. Geophysical Journal International 190(3): 1464-1482.
  • Shepherd, A., Ivins, E. R., Geruo, A., Barletta, V.B., Bentley, M.J., Bettadpur, S., Briggs, K.H., Bromwich, D.H., Forsberg, R., Galin, N., Horwath, M., Jacobs, S., Joughin, I., King, M.A., Lenaerts, J.T.M., Li, J., Ligtenberg, S.R.M., Luckman, A., Luthcke, S.B., McMillan, M., Meister, R., Milne, G., Mouginot, J., Muir, A., Nicolas, J.P., Paden, J., Payne, A.J., Pritchard, H., Rignot, E., Rott, H., Sørensen, L.S., Scambos, T.A., Scheuchl, B., Schrama, E.J.O., Smith, B., Sundal, A.V., van Angelen, J.H., van de Berg, W.J., van den Broeke, M.R., Vaughan, D.G., Velicogna, I., Wahr, J., Whitehouse, P.L., Wingham, D.J., Yi, D., Young, D. & Zwally, H.J. (2012). A Reconciled Estimate of Ice-Sheet Mass Balance. Science 338(6111): 1183-1189.
  • Siegert and the Ellsworth Consortium including & Bentley, M.J. (2012). Clean access, measurement and sampling of Antarctic subglacial lake environments. Reviews of Geophysics 50(1).
  • Lovell, H., Stokes, C.R., Bentley, M.J. & Benn, D.I. (2012). Evidence for rapid ice flow and proglacial lake evolution around the central Strait of Magellan region, southernmost Patagonia. Journal of Quaternary Science 27(6): 625-638.
  • Hodgson, D.A., Bentley, M.J., Schnabel, C. & Cziferszky, A. (2012). Glacial geomorphology and cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al exposure ages in the northern Dufek Massif, Weddell Sea embayment, Antarctica. Antarctic Science 24(04): 377-394.
  • King, M.A., Bingham, R.J., Moore, P., Whitehouse, P.L., Bentley, M.J. & Milne, G.A. (2012). Lower satellite-gravimetry estimates of Antarctic sea-level contribution. Nature 491(7425): 586–589.
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