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Whose martyr is it anyway? Unravelling a Benedictine mystery

The opening decades of the seventeenth century were far from harmonious for the English Catholic community. As differing clerical parties competed to strengthen their position they engaged in ‘martyr grabs’ - forcefully claiming Catholic martyrs as their own to help further their cause. 

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Bank of England’s stress tests have ‘fatal flaws’

The Bank of England’s stress tests, which assess the financial resilience of UK banks, are described as ‘worse than useless’ in a new report by a Durham University academic.

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Nanosize magnetic whirlpools could be the future of data storage

Could magnetic skyrmions hold the answer to better data storage?

The use of nanoscale magnetic whirlpools, known as magnetic skyrmions, to create novel and efficient ways to store data will be explored in a new £7M research programme led by Durham University.

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