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Answer to a frequently asked question

Do I need to put the subjects I am thinking of studying on my UCAS form ?

Yes, we want you to do this (in the Further Details in Section 3 of the UCAS form. This field does not allow many characters so please use two letter abbreviations used on the page, e.g. Bi for Biology.

You are not committing yourself to studying these subjects, you can change your mind when you arrive. However, if you want to study Chemistry within Natural Sciences, you must put it in one of your first two subjects in the Further Details section. Competition to study Chemistry within Natural Scienecs is very fierce and higher standards are required from such applicants (see our FAQ Why is Chemistry more competitive than other subjects?). You will not be allowed to study Chemistry if you have not named Chemistry as one of your subjects. With the exception of opting to study Chemistry, it is also possible to change your mind about your subjects and modules during the first three weeks of each year (though you will have to catch up on any work that has been missed).

We shall look at your subject selection when determing whether you will receive an offer to ensure that you have the correct background for the subjects you have selected.

If you have already applied and have forgotten to fill in this part of Section 3, do not worry. Either email us with the subjects you are interested in taking (please list up to four subjects in decreasing order of interest and please include your name and UCAS number - please see below for where to send the email) or failing that we will e-mail you!

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