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The Clerks

Cathy Bell, Ruth Kiang – alto
Alastair Brookshaw, Roy Rashbrook – tenor
James Arthur, Edward Wickham – basse
Edward Wickham Director – director

Tuesday 30st January 2018
7:30pm Department of Music
Music School, Palace Green, Durham

Three Heads, One Tale: How the Caput Mass changed music history

The programme includes music by Dunstable, Dufay, Ockeghem, Obrecht and the English Anonymous

The Missa Caput – composed by an unidentified English composer of the mid-15th century – was one of the most influential works of Renaissance music. It set the template for polyphonic composition for several generations, and directly inspired works by Jean Ockeghem and Jacob Obrecht, which were also in their own way ground-breaking. The mass is based on a highly virtuosic and florid English chant for Maunday Thursday, and this programme tells the story of its creation, its influence and the detective work carried out by 20th century scholarship which revealed its origins.

Tickets: £10, Students £4, Under 18s £1

The Clerks

Supported by the Radcliffe Trust